Film Criticism from the very Beginning to the Present Day

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Film criticism has changed from its beginning and will continue to change while moving forward. The growth of film criticism has mainly been a story of the shift from the best field of an intelligent survey by a few educated experts in the traditional way where expert analysis is mass, and the lines are unfocused between true expertise and the accidental opinions of the common people. And as per every other art form, there are experts who gave their time, careers, and proficiency in critiquing films.

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Since evolving as a profession in the 1960s, film criticism has grown up with the film industry while still remembering its essential function. There are two types of films one that are meant to to be entertaining and second that are culturally motivated pieces. Films are an obvious, interactive display of how we see our own world and give us acumen into who we really are.

In modern age, meeting with the rise of social media, many have questioned the value of having a film critiqued and have also asked why film criticism matters. Many have also strike film critics for apparently telling movie-goers how to feel and what to take away from specific tasks. “film criticism is important because films are important” (Roger Ebert). This quote was said by the late great American film critic Roger Ebert, who has decaded of criticism work. The implication of Roger Ebert claim is profound that criticisms are needed in the world today, not only to give us feedback but also to help us in having better work. Everyone often get opinions and criticism mixed up together but those are two completely different things. With criticism you are expressing facts, it is not your own opinion. A lot of people claim to be an artist but are always striking others. Critics are not to put down our work but to help us better our work. The good resource of critics are Professional critics.” Critics will always be needed to contextualize pop culture.” If pop culture did not have anyone to criticize them, then they wouldn’t know if their music is good or bad.”

Adapt to the Digital Landscape or Perish” (Christopher R. Weingarten) agrees to having critics. Which mean that everyone shows criticism due to the internet an opinion is criticism good or bad. Critiquing anything and everything has become second nature to every human. But understanding that a professional carry his title and years of experience will always come before any amateur on twitter. Without professionals labeling good from bad material, there would be less exposure to quality material. The public must be guided by well-rounded judgment and expertise and not fooled by amateurs’ bashings. “Criticism is crucial to the conversation between filmgoers and all filmmakers who are trying to do serious, culturally important work” (Godfrey Cheshire’s). The implication of Godfrey Cheshire’s claim is profound because the importance of “culturally important work” such as documentaries or small films reaching to audience.

Small films and documentaries, while important, typically lack popularity. Film critics are no need for people because everyone has their own opinion and own things about a film. In the article “criticism is crucial” explains how there are lower number of professional and full-time critics and that means they are not needed. We don’t need them because they do not offer intuition. All critics starts with more arguments and create a bad feeling to a person about his/her interest. I agree that professional critics are not needed today because the job of a critic now a days cannot earn more as compare to growing economy and free access to online website who are now allowing people to write their opinions on their websites. “One of the axioms of Internet culture is that we are all critics now, constantly rating, parsing, debating and shouting opinions into the ether” (Jacob Silverman). He mentions many important and amazing point in this article.

He also says that professional and amateur critics are same from the most part. In theory, being a professional critic may sound like an important thing, but people everywhere critique things like books, movies, and for every day on their own. The only thing that honestly separates the professionals from the amateurs is that the professional critics end up getting paid. In conclusion I would like to say that film critics are essential to us because it gives the background idea and the main idea. If there is no film criticism the value of the film critic will decreased. The importance of cultural films and documentaries will fade. Though Roger Ebert, Godfrey Cheshire and Jacob Silverman etc has done great work in their field for which today we love to make trips to cinamas to watch films. Film critic shapes us and that doesen’t mean we should throw it in side way. 

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