Figure of the Woman in Today’s Society

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The figure of the woman, a secondary element, has become something extremely important in today’s society, where she is increasingly playing a leading role, although she still suffers from the historical legacies of the patriarchal social system in her daily life.

Over time, thanks to the struggles promoted, women have been able to increase their space in social structures, abandoning the figure of mere housewife and assuming jobs, important positions in companies and less submissive hierarchical structures. Women in the U.S. got one of their first tastes of the working world during World War II. The men went to war, and the women went to the factories and offices. Though the women returned to their homes after the war, they didn’t remain there for long. The social changes of the 1960s and 1970s caused a cultural revolution that found many women pursuing careers outside the home. In recent years, more men have expressed a desire to take on the role of primary caregiver to the children.

Despite a greater presence in the labor market, there is still an inequality in the different genders. The woman, in many family profiles, accumulates both the labor and the domestic and even the maternal functions, and is often overwhelmed. In addition, the number of women in higher-level positions in companies is still lower, although they are the most likely to belong to the labor market. And speaking of work, women’s wages are still proportionally lower than men’s in today’s society, a factor that is even more critical when we refer to black women.

But the main question is: what is the role of women in today’s society? It can be said that today’s woman has greater autonomy, freedom of expression, as well as emancipated her body, her ideas and positions once stifled. In other words, the woman of the 21st century is no longer supportive of taking a different place in society, with new freedoms, possibilities and responsibilities, giving an active voice to her critical sense. She stopped believing in a woman’s natural inferiority to the male figure in the most different spheres of social life, an inferiority that is accepted and often assumed by some women.

For those who still hold the belief that the woman is still imprisoned, she does not know at all of what she has suffered in the past, and does not yet know the concept of a contemporary woman, one whose husband is not her God but her companion , the one who goes to work as well as the husband and who even divides the tasks of taking care of the children. The one who has a role, and is a partner in the education of the home, the one who has the right to choose, who can give an opinion in all family planning. This is the contemporary woman who remains fragile, yet her fragility does not affect her power, and her will to fight and win And so the woman continues her arduous battle, not to overcome men, but to overcome herself.

Not to guarantee a higher level than men, but to become with rights similar to theirs, and therefore to constitute oneself as a being that deserves recognition, and which escapes from the anonymity caused by the reflection of an outmoded and highly patriarchal. Today, of course, she is striding towards integration with a modern world of equal opportunity for all individuals, thus becoming the brilliant woman of the 21st century.

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