Exploring the Nursing Field: Education, Opportunities, and Challenges

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Updated: Mar 27, 2023
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Choose a career in which you enjoy putting countless hours of time into and focus on the more important aspects of life. Most college students feel intense pressure to ensure we make our parents proud, but personally, we are making the right choice for ourselves. Choosing whom we seek for advice is the best way of discovering our options and will be a great start for information. Wishing the best of luck to everyone on their way to achieving their utmost goals.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018), “Nurse practitioners (NPs) serve as primary and specialty care providers, delivering advanced nursing services to patients and their families. They assess patients, determine the best way to improve or manage a patient’s health, and discuss ways to integrate health promotion strategies into a patient’s life. Nurse practitioners typically care for a certain population of people. For instance, NPs may work in adult and geriatric health, pediatric health, or psychiatric and mental health.”
I have a high interest in the nursing field because I can gather large amounts of information about a patient’s current condition and how to cure it. It also opens up my mind about specializing in the care of certain groups, such as infants, pregnant women, or patients with mental health disorders. You can even travel all over the world and see the different types of diversity, living conditions, morality, and how they function as a society. The nursing field varies from state to state. This means not every state will take the necessary protocol to meet those expectations.

This field requires others to constantly carry out their daily tasks. These tasks include appropriate supervision, interpreting charts, analyzing data, and demonstrating proper techniques when taking medicine. The more relationships you create, the better. Your actions speak louder than words under any circumstance. Building relationships with patients during a crisis can bring people together.
From this data, nurse practitioners must acquire a master’s degree in an official program of study. These programs require courses such as psychiatric mental health, physiology, and lifespan pharmacology which are specific guidelines in the chosen profession. Often, mandatory education and clinical experience are required in fulfilling your plan of study (e.g., Bureau of Labor Statistics (visited October 23, 2018), U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Midwives, and Nurse Practitioners). I plan on meeting these requirements by maintaining a sufficient grade point average and having a brief consultation with my advisor.

The two upper-division courses in my major are NURS 3080 Lifespan Pharmacology and NURS 4060 Adult Health II. Lifespan pharmacology is important in the nursing field because it’s a branch of science regarding the bodily effects and phases of medicine. Without the study of lifespan pharmacology, we could not analyze our patient’s body and how it is being drugged. Perhaps, lifespan pharmacology is important to know, but I think adult health II is mandatory to study within this field. Both of these courses require so much study and dedication for where we will be working.

The overall employment rate is stated to grow 31 percent between the years 2018 to 2026. These percentages will increase due to the demand for health care supervision and assistance for the elderly. With more recognition, nurses will be able to perform more services for our communities. They are also becoming more recognized by the public for primary health care from the state to state. The use of male nurses has also increased while being compared to female nurses in the field.

Many nurses are traveling long distances to help where there are few workers in the current facility. Nursing work has been emotionally and physically draining for nurses. Many may spend their entire day on their feet just to make sure everyone is fine. There are high chances of having a back injury because of constant lifting and escorting the elderly. This is important because it may change our minds about the profession. I don’t think this will have an impact on me because of the passion I have for the field of study.

According to www.aanp.org, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners is a movement full of nurse practitioners. This association revolves around the idea of how healthcare is being delivered. You do have to apply to this organization to be considered a member of this society. From this research quoted by Angela T, “I find everything valuable about my AANP membership. The continuing education opportunities, the ability to network, the advocating for practice; I think that what AANP offers our profession is unlimited.”

Yes, I am interested in the nursing field. I admire how helpful and caring nurses can be for their patient’s relationships. This research has opened up my eyes to the current job outlook and overall problems within the field. I can definitely talk to several nurses within my family and talk about more specifics with my advisor. With the help of my cousin, I can have hands-on experience with treating the elderly at the retirement home.

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