Exploring the Field of Forensic Psychology: Roles and Career Opportunities

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Updated: Mar 28, 2023
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When the question of what a psychologist may be arises, people tend to think or respond to “a therapist.” In reality, psychologists can work across many different job sectors, such as a consultant, teachers, and researchers through some specialty areas of psychology, one of them being the concept of forensic psychology. Forensic psychology is applying psychological principles and techniques in circumstances that involve civil and criminal legal systems; It’s concerned with behavioral and emotional questions that relate to the law.

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Their interest lies in being able to understand why certain people’s actions occur and also help minimize and prevent those behaviors. In some cases, their testimonies could be the last piece of a puzzle when there’s a trial to convict a criminal because applying knowledge of psychological principles can be used to narrow down suspect lists or help come up with a motive for crimes.

When it comes to this job, there aren’t many job openings, but since there aren’t a lot of people aspiring to pursue this particular career, it also means it isn’t difficult to find a job. In order for someone to become a forensic psychologist, it takes many years of study and hours of experience, and you must earn a bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited university such as Marymount University, Florida institute of technology, john jay college, and many more. At an undergraduate level, the students should complete a major in psychology with a minor in criminology, pre-law, or criminal justice. Even just a bachelor’s degree doesn’t guarantee someone’s acceptance into a graduate program because you also have to attain a high Gpa while you prepare for any graduate school prerequisites and the admissions requirements.

Students may wish to pursue a master’s degree to boost their specialized knowledge, but only if necessary, which is the same for wanting to pursue a law degree. Earning a doctorate degree is encouraged if they are research-oriented when it comes to their career. Finally, you must obtain licensure in order to evaluate individuals on behalf of the court. Although it isn’t required for actual practice, forensic psychologists can apply for professional certification with the American board of forensic psychology for more credibility. Skills that are needed are to be comfortable dealing with systematic, objective, and testable predictions as well as the aspects of human society and culture. Entry-level positions start out between 60,000$ and 110,000$ annually, and those full psychologists can expect to receive full benefits packages from their employers.

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