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Learning about research is always a rewarding experience whether as a student or an experienced professional increasing your knowledge (Clark & Creswell, 2014). Reading research studies provides individuals with information useful for their practice. When individuals read research on issues that matter to them, they can get insights and ideas that can make a difference in their practice. Developing skills for reading and understanding research starts by obtaining what research entails and what is good to read it (Clark & Creswell, 2014).

I have managed to familiarize myself with academic research and gained the needed skills to come up with a comprehensive research that puts into place all the needed aspects. I have conducted academic research, and I got the insights that are needed in this type of research. I utilized academic research when I was pursuing Masters of Social Work at the University of Sothern California. It was a requirement that before graduation each student had to turn in a quantitative and qualitative research project. The research project consisted of a minimum of 50 pages, inclusive of research date.

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The expertise I gained in this research project is still fundamental as it helps me differentiate between formal and informal research at ease. Reading research improves professional practice. As such, I might better utilize research to improve my ability to do my job effectively. Effectiveness turns into better outcomes. My professional practice will be guided by utilizing evidence-based practices since they are effective through research.

That means that I will only use those practices for which there is evidence (support from research) and never rely solely on those practices that have been done in the past. Using the evidence-based approach is a guarantee that the results I get are as they ought to be without manipulation.


Clark, V. L. P., & Creswell, J. W. (2014). Understanding research: A consumer’s guide. Pearson Higher Ed.

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