Essay about Guns in Schools

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Updated: Jun 06, 2023
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We should not have guns in our school it will just cause chaos, for instance violence because it will cause shooting. Instead of thinking we need guns for protection we should think about the people safety because people might find a gun from their parents or grandparents and use it against other just because now students and teachers are allowed to bring their guns. Even though, there could be some people that have their license I just find it foolish that now we could bring guns at school.

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There is some people that might be threatened since they do not know who might have a gun and harm them or anybody in the classroom. It is not a good idea to keep that going; is a lot of shooting had been caused by children and adults that should not have a gun at the first place, therefore, guns should be prohibited at school we are there to learn.

First, I personally think there is no logical reason to bring guns in school except owned by someone that actually know when to use the gun and that is the police officer. Guns obviously lead to negative things and it should not happen we should have the school safe and that simply not having guns at school. Campus carry should not be allowed because it can turn confrontations to lethal incidents, gives dangerous people easy access to firearm and make non-carrying public vulnerable. If they actually care of the protection of the childrens they should just have metal detectors at schools. Unfortunately, handguns are the cause of so many death amongst the people of the world today In the past few months there have been so many aegul tragedies due to eh access we all have to guns. The government needs to make guns less accessible, and the law along with the law enforcement need to really enforce the law they make. In addition, fetal arguments will occur during an argument with someone under the influence of alcohol. This is very serious issue we must tackle globally for the safety of all of us. There has been parents that had their kids killed because of now anybody could just take guns at school. Most US states have no owner licensing or gun registration and mainly no requirement of using a gun.

Secondly, most of the time people do not think of the consequence after unmeasured actions when the person has been binge drinking especially when someone brings their guns at the school. Someone could have a innocence face and it does not mean they would not do any harm there is people that have mental illness or just anything could happen in a moment someone feels that someone is bothering them. Many people do not know “ any better” when it comes to using the gun or that is what they make it seem. I think it is not necessary that there is people that are not even policies that have guns at their home. I am pretty sure they do have it for protection ,but if they have children’s at their house they should be putting it somewhere safe where is lock and they can not get it since do not know any better. In addition, when I was watching the news I heard that there was two little boys that were playing with their parents gun thinking nothing will happen and the kid shot his friend. Imagine hearing that kind of news all the time just because the parents did not put it somewhere safe that only they will find. Anyways, there is childrens that know were their parents leave the gun, so they get it and some of them they do know that they could kill with it. Nobody wants their love ones to die because of guns are accepted at school were we are suppose to be just there to learn and feel safe not scared that someone could just walk there with a gun. On the other hand, there has been cases that most of the campus shooters resulted in murder-suicide. They had their day planned by leaving home on the morning knowing they were going to end the day by committing suicide and with their objective of taking as many people as the could. It is less likely than these shooters would have not been prevented if they had knowledge that their victims and other students were armed. They would still have their objective of murdering as many people as they could and commit suicide. There is just sometimes no justice when it comes to killing innocent people because the ones they killed get away with it by killing themselves at the end.

Thirdly, campuses will be much safer without concealed handgun because it reduces use of firearms as a method of suicide that is responsible for virtually all of the benefit associated with being a student and the relationship between student status and firearms may be the key to understand why student commit suicide at a lower rate than does the general U.S population. The use of firearm is used in nearly most cases where a student commit suicide. Because firearm involved in the method of student suicidal; this could help us perceive why student are less likely to commit suicide using a firearm than the U.S population, Furthermore, allowing guns on campus should ignite the conflict to run into the lethal incidents Another threat for allowing guns on campus is that it gives dangerous people easy access to firearm. There are many dangers a person could represent if you give them the right to them to carry a concealed handgun.

For example, students who abuse of alcohol, drugs and their impulsive behavior. This means any students who drink, abuse of drugs, and impulsive behavior that at times stress, depression and mental illness cause in young students who have increasingly reported. Most of the times there is a lot of sudden argument due to alcohol abuse that occurs on campus. Consequently young people do not think things through about the consequence of their actions. Therefore, adding firearms to that kind of people will result in life-changing, or life-ending type of consequence. Unexpected arguments arouses after alcohol binge drinking on college campuses. Moreover, adding firearm to this type of people in such compromised situation, may result in unmeasured actions result in changing and ending people life. Some classes are discussion based where students share their points of view and not necessarily have to agree. Whereas, the environment turn into a hard debate causing friction between students; thi, students could turn out to be dangerous carrying a gun in circumstance where students might no feel safe sharing their opinion. Circumstance like such make people who have easy access to a firearm dangerous.

Finally allowing guns in campus will represents many threats to the community such as arguments becoming a fatal consequence, people who represent a threat could to capus have easy access to guns, and people in campus will feel unsafe knowing someone near them is allowed to carry a guns. People might be beneficial for one self, however, firearms are also committed to ignite vary unsafe and fatal circumstances. Consequently, carry on campus can become an unsafe everitoment to the community. We should just make the people feel safe at their school not scare.

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