Online Shaming

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Professional activity, especially related to daily communication with a large number of people, carries not only pleasant acquaintances and cooperation, but also unpleasant situations. And one of them is public “shaming” or public humiliation. More often than not, people of completely different professions equate any statement of personal position with the position of the company, certain professions suddenly turn out to be “shameful”, and some businessmen get tons of negativity simply because of the envy of less successful and productive acquaintances.

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Not only are they stigmatized who really stumbled, but often the opposite, and it is almost impossible to get to the bottom of the claims. Recently, this phenomenon has become quite common.

Shaming towards women is linguistically much more varied than bullying against men. So, men usually want to lose their jobs, and therefore experience all the horrors associated with this. As for women, among the comments on the “unwanted” post, threats of rape are constantly appearing in different forms and in different ways. Haters always try to hit the sick person: in traditional cultures, a man’s mark of masculinity is the presence of a job, a woman’s gender identity is emphasized by her inviolability.

An invariably huge number of “compliments” are collected by candid photos: someone will definitely take and write in the comments that a woman should behave modestly, and such behavior is unacceptable. This is called shaming – or rather, slut-shaming (see also: “The right to sexuality: what is slut-shaming”).

Some “experts” also consider the woman’s right to self-development, career, her own choice, personal opinion and even pants to be unacceptable behavior for women!

What to do?

Remember that today you are free from the stereotypes of the past: you have the right to your own opinion, career and lifestyle!

Do not take it personally: the reasons that prompted someone to write a sexist comment or message do not concern you at all. It is not worth analyzing this.

Come up with a caustic comment: let the person realize how ridiculous he is by expressing such an opinion.

To put the addressee on the “black list” if it is difficult for you to treat such “antics” with understanding and healthy indifference – this is more reliable.

Make your social network account private – then strangers will not annoy you with their comments and messages.

Do not be silent! Even if the comment is not addressed to you. Supporting another person is easier than defending yourself alone. And let this serve as proof that people are no longer ready to tolerate manifestations of sexism online (and in real life)!

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