“Enchanted”: Disney’s Love Letter to its Legacy

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Updated: Dec 04, 2023
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Disney, renowned worldwide for its animated fairy tales, took a whimsical turn in 2007 with its release of “Enchanted.” It wasn’t just another fairy tale. Instead, it was a smart, playful nod to its own legacy, wrapped up in a narrative that seamlessly blended animation with live-action. Through “Enchanted,” Disney not only poked fun at its well-worn tropes but also celebrated the magic that has made its tales timeless.

At the heart of “Enchanted” is Giselle, a quintessential Disney princess who is catapulted from her animated world of Andalasia into the bustling streets of live-action New York City.

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Amy Adams embodies Giselle with a charm and innocence that is hard to resist. Her portrayal brings a fresh breath of air to the classic Disney princess archetype. As she navigates the challenging terrains of the real world, her wide-eyed wonder, naiveté, and unwavering belief in ‘happily ever after’ offer a heartwarming reminder of the childlike innocence in all of us.

But “Enchanted” isn’t merely about Giselle’s fish-out-of-water adventures. It’s a clever commentary on Disney’s own history of storytelling. As Giselle interacts with the cynical inhabitants of New York, including the divorce lawyer Robert, portrayed convincingly by Patrick Dempsey, the film showcases the stark contrasts between real-world relationships and fairy-tale romances. It subtly hints at the complexities of modern love and the idea that perhaps ‘happily ever after’ is more intricate than a grand wedding or a climactic kiss. Through Robert’s skepticism and Giselle’s unwavering faith in love, the movie paints a nuanced picture of romance, catering to both the cynics and the dreamers in the audience.

The movie also doesn’t shy away from humorously addressing some of the recurring tropes in Disney films. From spontaneous musical numbers in Central Park to critters assisting in daily chores, “Enchanted” gleefully acknowledges its roots while showcasing the absurdity of these elements in a real-world setting. It’s this self-awareness that makes the film stand out. While Giselle’s animated counterparts might sing without raised eyebrows, her melodic outbursts in New York draw puzzled looks, reminding viewers of the inherent magic and oddity of classic Disney tales when placed outside their context.

“Enchanted” is also visually enchanting. The transition from the colorful, hand-drawn world of Andalasia to the bustling, tangible reality of New York is executed with finesse. The contrast serves to highlight the vast divide between Giselle’s origins and her new reality. Yet, as the narrative progresses, these two worlds start to blend, emphasizing the underlying message that magic can be found even in the most mundane of settings, if only one knows where to look.

In retrospect, “Enchanted” was more than just an entertaining film. It was a love letter from Disney to its audience, acknowledging the shifts in storytelling preferences while holding onto the core elements that make Disney tales enchanting. By merging the classic and contemporary, it bridged the gap between generations of viewers. For older audiences, it served as a nostalgic journey, reminding them of the tales they grew up with, while younger viewers got a fresh, modern twist on the fairy-tale genre.

To conclude, “Enchanted” remains a gem in Disney’s vast repertoire. It’s a film that wears its heart on its sleeve, celebrating the magic of fairy tales while grounding them in reality. Through its delightful characters, self-aware humor, and compelling narrative, it invites viewers to believe in magic, love, and the idea that maybe, just maybe, we can all find our own ‘happily ever after,’ no matter how unconventional it might be.

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