Emily Grierson’s Life in the a Rose for Emily

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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The disappearance of her significant other was the final event that made Emily a loner. She was in a relationship with a man that was the opposite of what everyone expected. However, she’d Living the aristocratic Grierson life and being alienated from society affected Miss Emily’s attitude towards men. So, she isolates herself even more which causes her to become even more lonely as well as bizarre. Strangely enough, she did not want to readily admit that her father was dead at first.

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Law enforcement had to force her to give up his body. Once they took the body, Emily had to face the fact that she was truly alone. Her father’s death left her to become more hidden from society. self-confidence, self-worth, or self-dependence by her father. She was not allowed outside the house because there was never anyone as good as her father was to her and the world outside was dangerous. Mr. Grierson would not want to put his daughter in that predicament. Therefore, he did not allow her to court and resisted anyone who tried to get to know his daughter. After Miss Emily’s father dies she’s left with nothing and no one.

“We remembered all the young men her father had driven away, and we knew that with nothing left, she would have to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will” (Madden 1). Initially, Miss Emily was taught by her father to stay home and was not taught self-esteem, Miss Emily’s father has complete control over her life and who she dates or has in her life. Because of that, when she reached thirty years old, she was still alone. Emily’s father kept her isolated from the typical life of a young lady. She born into a high-class family with a father who rules with an iron hand. Had it not been for that she might be happily married with children. her innermost mind-set is her way of coping with tragedy (Theme Comparison 3). She appears to live in a sort of dreamy world where death has no meaning. Roberts 2 Miss Emily’s isolation is obvious because after the men that cared about her abandoned her, either by death or leaving her, she hid from society. Miss Emily is scared to deal with reality and Loneliness is a feeling of sorrow and pain and about being detached from your surroundings or feeling alone. Sometimes when you around other people, you have a tendency to feel lonely. Isolation is being disconnected from your environment and other people. Individuals sometimes separate themselves from society as a result of certain events that happen in their life. Loneliness can be caused by isolation from society. My goal in this paper is to show how in the story, “A Rose for Emily”, that isolation from society can cause people to do awful acts because they are lonely.

“A Rose for Emily” is a story about how emotional and physical isolation took control of Emily Grierson’s life. In this story did she never live in harmony with anyone for a long period of time. This story shows us the development of how Emily became isolated by her community, by custom, by her past, and by her own actions and choices. Even the perceptions of the community towards Emily Grierson and her behaviors played a role in her isolation (McManus 2). Her seclusion from love and society is what finally motivates her to commit psychotic acts.

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