Elements of Marxism

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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In Marxism, Karl Marx intended that the industrialist Bourgeoisie, upper class, hardheartedly misused the Proletariats, which were known as the lower class. Marx made a point that the work completed by the Proletariats made awesome riches for the Bourgeoisie. The items made the in production line were sold for more than the estimation of the work itself. In literature, authors included these elements of Marxism. In the story Candide, the main character faced the everyday challenges of being proletariat in a family of the Bourgeoisie.

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In similarity, in the story Punishment, the main characters, Chidam and Dukhiram, received their earnings by working as laborers in other farmer’s fields. So, they were the Proletariats in the story.

In Candide by Voltaire, Candide is the illegitimate nephew of the Baron. He experiences childhood in the Baron’s castle under the authority of the scholar Pangloss, who instructs him that this world is “the best of all possible worlds”. Candide falls in love with the Baron’s young daughter, Cunegonde. One day Cunegonde sees the scholar, Pangloss, and a maid engaged in “experimental physics” and decides to experiment with Candide. The two of them flirt and kisses behind the scenes. The Baron happens to see the two kissing and ousts Candide from his castle. The cause of Candide being oust was essentially because he only a proletariat, and it would not be standard for him to display affection on the Baron’s noble daughter. As the story goes along Candide is driven by the thought of Cunégonde and him reuniting. Meanwhile in a Jesuit camp, Candide runs into the brother of Cunegonde, and he announces that he would like to marry her. This decision along infuriates the Cunegonde’s brother, because Candide is not of the nobility. “You insolent dog, you would like the effrontery to marry my sister, who has seventy-two quarterings! It’s a piece of presumption for you even to mention such a crazy project in my presence”(Voltaire 123).

In the story Punishment by Tagore, this story tells the unjust circumstances that arise when Dukhiram kills his wife, Rahda. It is a story that analyzes the situation of ladies in Bengali society amid the late 1800s. The story begins with the two siblings, Dukhiram and Chidam, returning home from work. Dukhiram asks for food from his wife Radha. Radha reacts carelessly, inducing Dukhiram into a wild fury which drives him to murder Radha with a knife as his sibling and Chidam’s better half Chandora look on, appalled. Keeping in mind the end goal to protect his sibling from criminal indictment and demise, Chidam tells the village’s elder that it was Chandora who killed Radha. As you began to examine and analyze the text there are certain things that the characters do that shows their class ranking. As mentioned earlier the two brothers work as laborers in another man’s field. Another example would be Dukhiram asking his wife for food, which means that’s there were no servants or maids, the women worked in the house. Also, the dehumanization of the women in the story, when Chandora is not given an option to decide her fate. This shows that the women were looked at as being lower than the men. Women of the Bourgeoisie are more likely to receive discrimination based on sex rather than their class.

To conclude, today there are discernible positions in our class system. Does America have a present bourgeoise and proletariat group that is inconspicuous by the public? In our current society, there are distinct factors for the large division in social class such as education, wealth, and prestige. Although, no one has ever hoped to classify the diverse levels of our society into the old terms of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. In section one of Karl Marx, Manifesto of the Communist Party the bourgeoisie is characterized as the “middle class” and the proletarian is “the working class”.

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