Positives and Negatives of Marxism

Written by: Dr. Keen
Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Positives and Negatives of Marxism

This essay will analyze the pros and cons of Marxism as a political and economic ideology. It will discuss the Marxist critique of capitalism, the theory of class struggle, and the concept of a classless society. The piece will explore the practical applications of Marxism, its successes and failures in various historical contexts, and its relevance in current political discourse. More free essay examples are accessible at PapersOwl about Capitalism.

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Many people believe that ‘there is no place for the political doctrine of Karl Marx in 2018’. While this statement sounds sensible and reasonable, some people think that it may be a little unfair to generalize all of Marx’s beliefs as being negative and absurd.

Negatives of Marxism

One of the downsides of Marxism is its attempt to abrogate religion. The reason it does this is because one of the key features of Marxism is to have everyone be fully equal – and religion would meddle in that aspect as it automatically puts some people in superiority or inferiority of others within the religion.

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Therefore, Marxism does not accept people believing in unscientific matters, and so people are robbed of the right to believe in what they want to believe in. Moreover, Karl Marx’s political system would induce negative effects on education. Marxism implies that all schools should be state controlled, meaning that the government is in full control of what is being taught at the schools. This is extremely negative as the state would be able to brainwash its young citizens and prevent children from hearing anything negative about their own country – in its turn creating a surplus of nationalism and unawareness of what’s going on outside one’s country. Additionally, in Marxism, it is believed that practical, scientific and economic skills are more valuable than artistic skills – meaning that children talented in arts, music or drama would be undervalued.

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Positives of Marxism

Nonetheless, the core motives and beliefs of Marxism may actually have some positive sides to them. For instance, Karl Marx valued equality and human rights greatly. He believed that everyone should have equal access to factors required for human survival and education no matter what he or she works with and no matter where he or she is from. If fully functioning, Marxism would emphasize on free health care and education and gender equality – it would strongly assist in the abolishment of gender stereotypes. Furthermore, Marxism could be one way to fix some of the issues of capitalism. Even though capitalism is generally positive and encourages competition and quality, it also creates a huge problem – monopolization. A company or business becomes a monopoly when it has gained so much money and popularity that it fully dominates its market field. This can lead to a lack of competition in prices, limited opportunities for entrepreneurs and smaller firms going out of business. Marx believed that companies should be state controlled, which could help eliminate monopolization since if one company starts to take over the market, other smaller companies can be given more money to catch up or money can be taken away from the dominating business to give the other firms a chance.


To summarise, I think that Karl Marx’s political doctrine has both advantages and disadvantages. It can help boost human rights and solve the issues of capitalism, but on the other hand it could worsen education and people’s freedom to religion. In conclusion, even though Marxism has some upsides, I don’t think we should bring a political system so extreme and controversial into the modern world as it could cause many more problems in addition to the ones the Earth is already facing.

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