Effects of Escaping to Writing

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Updated: May 16, 2022
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“In the early stages of Alice Walker’s young life, she dealt with horrific trauma. Walker was born on the date of February 9, 1944. Born to Winnie Lee Walker and Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant who were sharecroppers in Eatonton, Georgia. She was the youngest of eight. Walker attend both Sarah Lawrence College and Spelman College. Looking back At her past, two major influences that impacted the life and career of the well known writer Alice Walker were a tragic adolescence and the highly acclaimed novel The Color Purple.

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One major influence that contributed to the success of the author Alice Walker is her tragic adolescence. Alice Walker was unfortunately shot in the eye at the age of eight. This affair caused Walker to lose vision in her right eye. Her impaired vision made Alice Walker self-conscious and an introvert. Her success in the classroom declined as well. With her newfound shyness, Alice Walker discovered her love of writing. This passion for composition aided her in transcending the adversity in her life. Six years later Walker’s self- confidence and commitment to school increased dramatically after a minor surgical procedure removed disfiguring scar tissue from around her injured eye. (Awkward 1) Years pass on, and Walker’s writing skills continued to develop. Alice Walker was given an opportunity to live out her passion in Atlanta, Georgia. Her community helped her raise funds to purchase a bus ticket. Unfortunately, segregation laws were passed. One of those laws included a rule about segregation in buses. African Americans were only allowed to sit at the back of the bus in their section, but if the white section became filled, some folks would be asked to relinquish their seat on the bus. Since Alice Walker was an African American woman, she was treated differently. Times like those gave her the courage, strength, and empowerment as a writer and an activist in benefiting the Civil Rights Movement.

Another major influence in Alice Walker’s life was her novel The Color Purple. The Color Purple allowed Walker to write about dark and serious subjects, some of which pertain to her personally, but her novel also unveiled a message of hope. At whatever cost, human beings have the capacity to live in spiritual health and beauty; they may be poor, black, and uneducated, but their inner selves can blossom. (“Alice Walker.”Contemporary Authors 6) Alice Walker was awarded several achievements due to the success of the novel The Color Purple. Some of the many awards Walker obtained were a nomination for the National Book Critics Circle, a Pulitzer Prize, and an American Book Award. The events in her life had a direct affect on her success as a novelist and activist.

A tragic adolescence and highly acclaimed novel The Color Purple influenced Alice Walker to become the inspiring successful woman she is today. Without her loss of vision Alice Walker would never have uncovered her latent talent of writing. Where one door closed, another door opened which facilitated her in discovering her God given talent. Alice Walker has been and continues to be an inspiration for both women and African Americans.”

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