Struggle for Rights in the Color Purple

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In The Color Purple, Alice Walker shows the continuous, violent struggle for African American women’s rights through her use of descriptive language, sentimental tone, and Sally’s lack of an innocent childhood. Alice Walker shows the character celie struggling with trying to get her own stand on her life. Being faced with dangers and being used by everyone she actually stands up when someone comes along and helps her. Does she accept the help or not? Biographical Information – eventually will be 2-3 paragraphs Briefly explain the author’s historical context—may include the era in which author wrote, gained recognition for writing, influences, etc.

Include in-text citation to credit your source for this info, even if you’ve paraphrased the information into your own words. in the book Color Purple alice walker talks about the struggle hood of this girl named celie. The time period is around 1910 ish to about the 1930. alice walker was born in the 1940’s during a time in which women truly did not have that much respect for them. it did not help that segregation was becoming a thing and most people despite looking at black which truly hurt alice walker way on life but also changed it. she takes the way that people always look at her and wrote about it. in the color purple alice walker talks about a girl named celie who is basically like alice walker but at a younger age and during a different time period and place. “She eye Sofia wristwatch. She say to Sofia, All your children so clean, she say,would you like to work for me, be my maid? Sofia say, Hell no.She say, What you say?Sofia say, Hell no. Mayor look at Sofia, push his wife out the way. Stick out his chest. Girl, what you say to Miss Millie? Sofia say, I say, Hell no. He slap her.” (letter 37 sentence 13 Alice walker) in this quote it talks about the mayor of the town and celie and her sister sofia go into when they are eyeing a really nice car the mayor of the town comes over and ask her to be her maid she says and and ends up getting beaten.

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She also ends up almost getting killed and taken to jail where she is later released but it shows in this time period people do not take black people with respect or women especially both. “That’s the problem, she say. Have you ever seen a white person and a colored lady sitting side by side in a car, when one of ’em wasn’t showing the other one how to drive it or clean it?” (letter 44 parage sentence 44 Alice walker) in this quote it talks about celie not being in the same as a white person and being friends it shows how black people are like slaves but not and that they still feel like that they are always being watch and can never be the same as a whole person. thesis point one is descriptive language that is used in the book the color purple. i feel like that it is written as if i am in the olden time time period and it also shows when she ever gets or anything i feel like i am there watching it happen the book truly feels like i am apart of Celie like in the book and that the person reading the book is the narrator watch it happen before them. “She [Mama] got sicker and sicker. Finally she ast Where it is?I say God took it. He took it. He took it while I was sleeping. Kilt it out there in the woods.

Kill this one too, if he can.” ( letter 2 sentence 7 Alice walker) i could truly feel her emotions come through in the phrase it talks about her child that she gave birth too but the step father did not want to have and took the baby out into the woods and killed it. i could truly feel her pain in that sense and i could feel her emotions come through the text. in the second point it talks about her sentimental tone to the reader. alice walker shows really good tone to this and that you feel the emotions coming through the book and that you can truly feel her anger or sadness or even when she is puzzled it truly connect the reader to the book in this fact that you can read a book and feel the emotions as if you were there with her while it is happening. “He beat me today cause he say I winked at a boy in church. I may have got something in my eye but I didn’t wink. I don’t even look at mens. That’s the truth. I look at women, tho, cause I’m not scared of them. Maybe cause my mama cuss me you think I kept mad at her.

But I ain’t. I felt sorry for mama. Trying to believe his story kilt her.” (letter 5 sentence 1 Alice walker) in this quote you can feel her emotions getting the better how she is not scared and yet she feels sorry for her mother and that she feels these emotions getting the better or her all the time and she doesn’t know how to act upon them. thesis point three’s and innocence childhood in which she does not have the same as a regular kid had she had to face hardships with her step father and her mother and being the oldest with her younger sister she does not have something that most kids always have. she always wanted one in the book but seems that she never did. “I don’t like to go to bed with him no more, she [Sofia] say. Used to be when he touch me I’d go all out my head. Now when he touch me I just don’t want to be bothered.

Once he get on top of me I think about how that’s where he always want to be”(leter 30 sentence 15) she is being faced a rough childhood and that everyone has their ups and downs but celie is never having any up’s she is being used by her father lost a her own child she just never seems to have a childhood in which she had to worry about the stuff that she has to face in certain areas of the book she is afraid she might die is she does one thing wrong in her childhood. in the book the color purple alice walker talks about a young girl named celie, she faced a lot of hard work and lots of displeasing childhood. she never truly had a regular childhood she faced her step father abusing her and then selling her for money to get rich. she also had to faced hard time by losing her mother at a young age also. She later shows us how being a black women in the 1920’s is hard for her since she is women and black she tries really hard to get respect and get a way were people will respect her but it just never truly shows until she stand up for herself and runs away.

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