Eating Disorders Anorexia

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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“Abraham, Suzanne, and Derek Llewellyn-Jones. “”Bulimia Nervosa.””Palla, Barbara, and Iris F. Litt. “”Medical Complications Of Eating DisordersIn Adolescents.””

Medical Complications occur with eating disorders take place inanyones life. Adolescents being at such a young age if medical complications occur can affect them when they are older as well. For example, bulimia nervosa can mess with a young women’s menstrual cycle and when they get older, they might not be able to have kids. This article will help when informing adolescents what bulimia nervosa can do to them and that it isn’t worth hurting them in the future just to have the figure, they want right now

Bulik, Cynthia M. “”Research Findings: Eating Disorder Behaviors and Weight Concerns Are Common in Woman Over 50. Advocate (American Mental Health Counselors Association) Oct. 2012: 14-15.

This article is about how eating disorders don’t only affect the youth but how it also affects the elderly. In the article, there is a study on woman of ages 50 and above. According to this article, around 70 percent of women are dieting because they are unhappy with their bodies. This also explains why the women went under the process of dieting in the first place. I think this article is great for my topic because it not only shows who may have anorexia, but it shows what the women think of their bodies and how they feel in their own skin. It also shows percentages for each of the results acquired.

Hope, Tony: Tan, Jacinta; Steward, Anne; Fitzpatrick, Ray. “”Anorexia Nervosa and the Language of Authenticity. Hastings Center Report 41.6 (2011): 19-29.

Women and men that suffer from anorexia also suffer with their own personal self’s. In these studies, it was explained that there were participants that explained what the researchers felt about their own individual identities. “”It feels like there’s two of you inside like there’s another half of you, which is my anorexia, and then there’s the real me, the logic part of me, and it’s a constant battle between the two. The ages of the said participants also varied as well as the stages of treatment. The study took place because even though the topic of authenticity was not brought up, the participants brought the topic up on their own. I think that this article not only shows some great research results, but it also explains many major details about anorexia that I never knew.

Hooper, B.; Williams, E. B. “”Anorexia: Too Complex an Issue to Simply Blame Mums. British Nutrition Foundation. 36.2 (2011): 216-220.

It’s said that mothers have a great influence on their daughters eating habits. If the mother and or role model of the house is on a diet, then the other person will also probably think about their body image. I found that this is what this article is mainly focused on. This article also speaks about the stress and depression might pass through when they have an anorexic child. However, this only makes the child more vulnerable to the disease. Apparently, anorexia is also a trait that can be passed down through the family.

Ray, Shannon L. “”Eating Disorders in Adolescent Males. Professional School Counseling 8.1 (2004): 98-101.

In this scholarly journal, there is an explanation of how anorexia is now also affecting the male population. The most common age for the males to suffer from the disease is in their younger years. The article also supplies the viewer with the at risk males that have anorexia. Males that play sports, males that are struggling with their sexual identities and even chaotic home environments might cause anorexia. There are also sections for these groups and what they can do to solve their problems. This article is perfect for my topic because it explains what and why for each topic. It also demonstrates that males can also suffer from anorexia.

Szalavitz, Maia. “”Can Pro-Anorexia Websites Help Heal Some Eating Disorders? Time Magazine. August 24, 2012. Web.

Pro-Anorexia blogs might be a good support system for those with the disease. The study shows that women with anorexia or any sort of eating disease prefer to be heard on an online website and then by their family members. But there are also some negative things about these blogs. According to the article, these websites are viewed by young women around the age of 20. Most of the women are recovering anorexics or are trying to find some type of support.

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