Duty, Honor, Country in the United States of America

In a nation like the United States of America we represent Duty, Honor, Country. General Douglas MacArthur’s acceptance speech went over several ideas that he constantly reverberated: Duty, Honor, Country. The speech begins with MacArthur addressing that these words should symbolize “what people ought to be, what they can be, and what they will be.” Additionally, he argues that if Duty, Honor, Country isn’t a priority in America, the nation will fail and ultimately, I agree.

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Furthermore, General Douglas MacArthur’s acceptance speech was incredibly humbling. Today, I plan on addressing my thoughts on Duty, Honor, Country and how it can make you a better citizen. The three words that MacArthur constantly mentions corresponds to building a persons’ moral character and way of being.

Duty, Honor, Country has a very powerful meaning. To me, Duty means more than just fulfilling your obligations. Duty means being able to work together, as a nation, to accomplish something. In the biblical sense, duty is having concern for the will of God. Numerous Christians believed that if they devoted themselves to God, their family would go second, and their job and other interest will follow behind. However, giving one’s duty to God does not deprive family, jobs, or personal interests. Indeed, it allows you to serve your duty to God while producing love for your family, neighbor, and even an enemy. Furthermore, Honor symbolizes great moral code. To me, honor shows the kind of person somebody is when they give their respects to soldiers for being a part of selfless services. In addition, Honor shows chivalry of those who appreciate their beloved nation and its history. Moreover, Country represents the devotion Americans have for their country and appreciating its freedoms and advantages. Country also represents home. America is home to millions of people including soldiers who have fought to make this nation what it is today: free. America is special to me; I’m proud to be American.

This is my country; my home; and last of all, this country has given my family better opportunities than any country ever has. As long as I live, I will honor America with my heart and soul. As an American citizen, I find that it is my duty to demonstrate my loyalty by honoring and representing my country with pride; treating people with respect; giving credit to others’ successes; demonstrating my honor by being honest, knowing right from wrong; demonstrating integrity by doing what is right legally and morally; and lastly, taking responsibility for my decisions and actions. Duty, Honor, Country has allowed America to civilize their citizens respectfully. In fact, sacrifices for Duty, Honor, Country make you a better citizen by teaching you responsibility. Almost like a parent who sacrifices for their child by not being selfish and putting their child first. The more choices you make based on integrity reflects the kind of person that you are. In other words, it helps you establish a code and standard of behavior. In addition, doing your obligations shows your loyalty to your leadership.

Sacrificing for country helps you realize that the country is not just there for your wants and needs, you are here to make to your country a better place and its citizens better people by setting an example for others to follow. All citizens have duties and responsibilities, to do them to the best of your ability generally shows authority. In final analysis, Duty, Honor, Country teaches you how to develop your basic character while showing pride and dignity for your country. Duty, Honor, Country allows us to embrace and celebrate the dedication of our soldiers who have allowed America to become what it is today. All of these things make you more giving of yourself. Instead of serving self, you serve others, and you pass along those traits to those you serve. Additionally, you appreciate more of what you have rather than worrying about what you don’t. It shows you to not take things for granted and it also shows you to appreciate the importance of freedom. Today, we endure our strengths together as we continue to make the United States of America the greatest country in the world.

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