Don Miguel Angel Ruiz


The choice of my topic is Miguel Ruiz, a man whose work is known to have contributed to peacemaking around the globe with teachings based on the Toltec traditions. The reason why I chose this particular work is that the lessons are general to any audience and rich in wisdom. Ruizs integration of dance in his teachings makes his strategy not only educational but also enjoyable. The paper will analyze on his philosophy, some of his famous works together with how he integrates dance in his teachings to impact the concept of peacemaking. BackgroundDon Miguel Angel Ruiz was born in 1952 in a humble family of thirteen children where he was the youngest (Ruiz, 2017). His family had strong roots in Mexico traditions and was a known Toltec spiritualist author whose work is aimed at attaining peace love and happiness. Having practiced neurosurgery for many years, he was involved in a car accident that influenced his beliefs after which he decided to go and finish learning to a Toltec teacher.

He spent the other years exploring various ways through which the human mind can be transformed. In that career, Miguel assisted his students to solve their problems through applying different strategies resulting in the four agreements. The four contracts which feature on personal freedom and focuses on integrity has been famous for its transformation on the readers. Philosophy Toltec traditionsThe Toltec teachings that Ruiz offered were influenced by Carlos Castanedas work where readers receive instructions that are similar to new age beliefs although they differ. Over the time, the Toltec were forced to obscure from the ancestral wisdom and maintain its existence in secret. They were prohibited from misusing that knowledge or using it for their gain. However, the Toltec knowledge could be passed from one generation to another although it was kept in secret. Ruiz was one of these masters of wisdom chose to share the understanding of Toltec.

Ruiz (1999) asserts that Toltec knowledge originates from the vital duty of truth like all the sacred traditions found in the earth. Even though it is not a religion, it recognizes all the spiritual leaders since love and happiness are the two concepts that distinguish it from the other religious elements. Ruiz was a Toltec leader who lived and practiced the Toltec teachings he offered to people.

The Toltec is defined as an artist of love and an artist of spirit in the continuation of life. Talking about love, Ruiz taught people that real peace and happiness come from within ones heart. According to his teachings, life is the manifestation of ones dream and can be transformed as one likes (Ruiz, 2017). That all depends on how one can control his reactions for it will help them perceive aspects as they are. The Toltec teachings argue that the difference is brought about by how the emotional body reacts to what one sees. In his Toltec teachings, he reminded people that for ones love to grow, they have to practice it. He also taught people about connecting to their authentic self that means self-love that will make love grow. Focus on two major worksRuiz has done many great concepts that not only make him famous but also contributes a lot in transforming peoples lives. He wrote books that expose the vast knowledge of the world such as the four agreements and the master of love. These two works are based on the Toltec teachings and uphold the aspect of peacemaking.The four agreementsMiguel is well known for writing the four contracts that when followed transforms ones life. He emphasizes on being impeccable with the words that people use since that signifies the truth, honor, and respect for oneself and those around them. The four agreements that Ruiz wrote are:  Be impeccable with your word.

Do not take anything personally.Do not make assumptions. Always do your best. About being impeccable with ones words, Ruiz argues that one should think before speaking and take time to analyze on the repercussions of the words they are about to say (Ruiz & Coyote, 1999). The philosopher asserts that words are more than messages and every single one has power in it. People should not only utter words but should incorporate truth and integrity in words. Application of that concept will advance peace among people because they will weigh the impact of the words they will utter. The philosopher says that gossip is black magic that acts like pure poison and Ruiz discourages people from it so that they could have peace with one another.

The second agreement states that one should not take any aspect personally (Anders, 2004). Ruiz teaches that people should avoid taking any matter personally as it may end up frustrating them thus affecting their happiness and peace in different spheres of life like home, workplace and as well as in public. The third agreement that Ruiz discusses requires people not to make assumptions to avoid problems. This requires people to ascertain on issues before saying or taking action. Ruiz, Ruiz, and Mills (2011) argue that making assumptions is interfering with ones peace since it creates a lot of emotions that transfer the poison to one another. The fourth agreement that Ruiz wrote in his work was doing the best.

Offering the best will help individuals to be productive and will lead one to become a master of transformation. These teachings were aimed at making people live a peaceful and a happy life.Mastery of loveThe skill of love is another significant work by Ruiz where he analyzes several elements that impact ones love eventually resulting peace and happiness. He asserts that what determines ones happiness is what comes out of them and not what is affected by others. Discussing the mind, Ruiz says that everyone is his master because he has the power to create and rule. This is because what one believes in, is fulfilled, so people are the way they are because of what they think. The philosopher in the mastery of love asserts that people should not let emotions guide them since they will lead one to lose innocence, freedom, and happiness thus losing the tendency of love (Ruiz, 1999).

More teachings by Ruiz on the topic of love is respectable and gives one peace. However, Ruiz argues that the love that people need is inside them, but they are required to be keen because love is a challenging prey to hunt. Throughout the two works, the author teaches about the element of peace where he encourages his audience to apply them on a daily basis for that tendency will transform them.PeacemakerMiguel Ruiz is a world-renowned spiritual influencer and teacher who bring love to society in different ways. The spiritual teacher dedicated his life to sharing his message through practical concepts targeted at promoting transformation and ultimate change. In his fifth agreement, Ruiz agrees that peoples reflection is the truth and that is what makes the human mind. The philosophers work primarily channeled through teachings from his followers notably his sons in classes and seminars. These lessons are still applicable in todays life, and the public likes his work, as his books are international bestsellers. For instance, the four agreements are integrated into the nursing profession where practitioners and nurses apply it in their work (Abernathy & Kautz, 2012). Again, the four contracts feature among the best books that changed lives.

His son Don Jose writes the fifth agreement which offers a transformation to the lives of the people. It covers a deep awareness of the power of self while reviewing the authenticity that they were born. Ruiz and Jose crown the fifth agreement through reminding people of the most magnificent gift of freedom to be who they are (Ruiz, Ruiz & Mills, 2010). His sons hold workshops to elaborate on how to apply the wisdom of the books in the daily routine. They too carry on the legacy of their father through writing and teaching. Dance Ruiz integrates dance in his teachings, and at one point he states Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time” (Quote by Ruiz). One of the dances that Ruiz incorporates in his work is the Tula Baile dance. The word Tula was derived from the Toltec tradition which means a rebirth. It means the spiritual connection of self and others. The dance is in the form of folk dance that involves both men and women.

It has a Spanish acoustic guitar accompanied by percussionist/clapper, and the dancers wear costumes that are nude leotards, tights with vibrant-colored feathers adorn to backs. The Tula Baile dance consists of sensual movements with a lot of twisting, circular moves, and many lifts. It begins with a slow motion then escalates to faster beats that are guided by the guitar. As the dance advances, it is accompanied by clapping that hasten the fervor of the guitar. The complex steps pick an emotional turn signaling the rebirth where the dances collapse to the floor and slowly begins to pick up again.


The Tula Baile dance reflects Ruizs ideas about finding the happiness within oneself to build a good relationship with others.

Through being open with one another will prevent the pretense that hinders people from living an actual life thus resulting to the rebirth of the spirit.ConclusionMiguel Ruiz is one of the figures whose work is legendary and is based on the Toltec traditions. His teachings are not limited to any age and are filled with wisdom significantly influencing his audiences. Those instructions are still applied in todays world, and his sons have taken after him to continue the excellent work.

Ruizs teachings about peacemaking have made me learn that peace and happiness are determined by oneself since they come from inside. His humanitarian efforts have saved many and impacted their lives positively. He incorporates dance with his teachings that also have a message of peace and love to the audience. From his instructions, I would like to experience the love and peace in the society that I would live.


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