Deviant Behavior

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Updated: Oct 15, 2021
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Deviant Behavior essay


Deviance is any behavior that is not what society consider normal. Deviance can vary depending on how a person perceive it. Deviance can be positive or negative. An example would be getting a “speeding ticket” or getting an “award at school.” (Curra, 2017, p. 5) Deviance behavior is not the same in every society or subculture.

The reactions of society to deviant behavior can create a stigma that lead to labeling behavior that is viewed out of the norm. Deviance come in two forms. The first is ascribe deviance, which is a person who has a physical flaw and does not resemble what is normal looking in society. The second is achieved deviance which is something that deliberately break the rules of society.

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Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriages first became legal in another country in 2001. By 2004 the U. S. had one state to legalized same sex marriages. By 2014, 13 other countries and 20 states in the U. S. has follow suit. In 2015, gay marriages became legalized in all 50 states. I think that same sex marriages should be illegal because it impends on the morals and tradition of what a family is in society.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, marriage is the state of being united in a legal relationship as husband and wife. Justice Clarence Thomas stated, “In our society, marriage is not simply a governmental institution, it is religious institution as well.” (Williams, 2015) He made this statement in ruling whether same sex marriages should be legalized. Therefore, I feel that making same sex marriages illegal will benefit society by keeping values and norms as part of family life.


I think same sex marriage is wrong, my religious beliefs are that marriage is between a man and a woman. The bible references many scriptures about marriage. The only thing sticks out to me is the part about Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Same sex marriages are morally wrong. In roman 1:26, 27 states “men lust for men.” I think that same sex marriage set a bad example for children. By accepting this kind of behavior, it makes children perceive this form behavior as a normal relationship.

“Sexual script has been constructed to tell individuals the appropriate and inappropriate ways of acting, thinking, and feeling regarding things sexual. (Curra, 2017, p. 287) Two men or two women in a sexual relationship is not what God intend for this to be. When looking at human nature as God created, we don’t see animals of the same sex having sex with each other. So, what makes men and women so different because the same God created animal created them.

Social impact

Some social impacts of same sex marriages include prejudice and discrimination. “this shift would weaken society of the importance entering marriage to have children.” (Dinno 2013, p. 2) Having judges to perform same marriages against their religious beliefs. By making same sex marriage illegal it will take the pressure off churches to accept this absurd behavior. This stress come from having to have an immoral act push on the one’s faith to keep your job by marring couples of the same sex. Same sex marriages have couple going to court to get benefits of their spouse when they die.

Children of same sex marriages will have to face jokes and other children teasing and taunting them about this union. I feel children will question their gender identity at an early stage in their life. Children would be put under stress to accept a union that they do not believe in. Same sex marriage is an example of what Curra called “sexual deviance going beyond the prevailing culture and the subculture scripts and inventing their own.” (Curra, 2017, p.287) Some feel that making same sex marriages legal is a human right.

Personal Choice

A person has the right to marry whomever they choose. They should not feel guilt of loving a person for whom they are. Same sex couples feel laws fir heterosexual couples should be treated the same for them too. According to Gallup Poll, “10% of Americans feel that same sex marriages would be good for society.” (Kiefer, 2003) “People find it easier to justify actions they can get away with.” (Urbatsch, 2018, p.229) Therefore, society started to accept a behavior that is out of the norm,

Oppressed Minority

Same sex couple felt that they were not able to love freely the person that they were in love with. Society shun them by putting labels and treating them like outsiders. “Societal prejudice and discrimination against same sex marriages resulted in the couples damage to the self.” (Crespi, 2015, p.228-232) By having a law to let them marry a person regardless of gender was victory for them. They felt morals and dignity brought back into their life. “Sexual Stigma is institutionalized through marriage inequality because laws denying access to marriage reflect structural stigma.” (Ogolsky, 2019, February)


We live in a society where our behavior is judge by another people perception of what they see normal. People today act strange and do the strangest things that is not common. Sometimes this behavior can impact society s being a good thing or a bad thing. The behavior is called deviant behavior. When others see what other do is wrong this can be negative. That is when social stigma is attached to that behavior.

Prostitution is the exchange of money for sex. A man or a woman can be a prostitute. Prostitution is perceiving differently in other cultures and subcultures. Views on prostitution have waivered over time. Prostitution is a deviant behavior that is not fading away soon. For this reason, the potential to legalize prostitution will give some control to sex workers and the government. I feel prostitution should be legalized because it can benefit the prostitutes and the economy.

Create Money

Prostitution is a way that some provide for their families, try to get out of poverty, meet their everyday needs. Prostituting gives some women a source of income. Prostitutes will have control over the money they make without having to turn it over to a pimp. Also, by making prostitution legal it will give states revenue and the money prostitutes make can be taxed. Prostitution is a money-making business. Prostitution in some major cities bring in a huge amount of money. According to Pew research, “Atlanta illegal prostitution bring in an estimate of $290 million a year, Miami value at $205 million, and Denver value at $40 million a year.” (Washington Post, 2015) The taxes from this professional could be used to fund other police needs and other ways to help keep prostitutes safe.

Lower Crime

Legalizing prostitution will slow down sex trafficking and do away with a pimp. Prostitutes will no longer be abused and used by pimps, and any other men that beat them for sex. It will reduce sexual violence and sex trade. Many believe prostitution should not be legalized because it is a health risk and go against moral standards. Prostitution becoming legal will cause prostitutes and their counter parts to have a lot of different partners, which in turn given them a chance of getting sexual transmitted diseases. Women will be open to violent acts that might cause them harm. The may be raped, abused, or even sold to a person in another country. The being terrorized or torture come with prostitution.

Moral Issues

People work in a lot of professions that are unsafe. They use their bodies in inappropriate ways to make money. Some examples are; strippers, models, and porn stars. These professions have been partially accepted by society. So, why is “prostituting, which symbolized all the imperfection that had been avoided by the Angel or Saintly Women,” seem as an immoral professional. (Curra, 2017, p. 298) Some argue it is immoral in the eyes of God. Legalizing prostitution will go against the moral and values of society norm. The social reaction to this deviance has women in fear that their partners seek sex outside of their bedroom.


Some sexual identities can lead to social inequalities when it comes to being accepted by society. Homosexuals, prostitutes, Lesbians all hold a stigma when it comes to sexual identities or sexual behavior that is not seen normal. Deviant behavior come from social reaction of society when something not in the norm. Marriage equality has been accepted in many countries. This social institution has changed the meaning of what traditional marriage is all about. “Battle over morality and legality of same sex marriages will be a constant part of the marriage battle.” (Curra, 2017, p.310) Prostitution is still the forbidden job for women, even though it is a multi-million-dollar business that could help the economy and decrease crime that surround it.


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