Comparison and Considerations Servant and Servant Leadership

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Updated: Mar 14, 2023
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In this essay, I will be going over the compares and contrasts of a follower and servant types of leaderships. I will be breaking it down how the sim and the differences on each one and the meaning of both types. In addition I will go over the passive and active sub topics of both and how the apply in the ABLM the Army Leaders Requites model. In conclusion you will have a better understanding of these two philosophies and how the Army in corporate’s them in to everyday tasks and missions.

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Now the idea of the servant-leader is pretty far out from old Army norms but take a second and think of how it applies to you and your organization. Officers hand down a mission, and we say, “Yes, Sir!’ and it’s done. Inside our psyche, we have already rated the mission’s requirements over the requirements of our subordinates. The Commander is the boss and we are going to get the job done. Most of our brainpower is then used in accomplishing the mission.

The term “Everybody has a boss.” Is a perfect way to describe what a followership leader is? This is true for the Army; every Army leader, regardless of rank or echelon, is also a follower. The Army spends a lot of time discussing ways to develop leadership. Nevertheless, very rarely do we focus on how to be a good subordinate, though there are different sets of skills to be successful at both. You cannot be a great inspirational leader unless you are a great follower, but nowhere in our doctrine is there a publication with good advice on how to be a great follower.

The differences between these two are vast as in where one follows to become a future leader. The other follows just to follow and never takes the lead or have a purpose other than roger that. Therefore, in today’s Army having a servant leadership mentality will push you further. Than a follower who is happy being in a static position with no point of progression in the Army.

In conclusion the compare and differences of followership and servant type leadership is wildly different and both used quite often. Just to retouch of these types of leadership is that servant leadership is a type of leadership that develops future leaders to eventually replace you. Now with followership leadership it mainly consist of a non-performer or person with no personal drive to think on their own or make their own decisions.


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