Child Labor was a Crucial Part

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Child labor was a crucial part for the success of the United States. Making small children work for fifteen hours a day is terrible and in no way moral. However, without the children working then the Industrial revolution would have failed in America ,thus, having major consequences. America is one of the leading countries in the world in economics,science, technology, and more. All of this success stems from the Industrial revolution. Without the revolution America would be so far behind where it is today.

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Therefore, if America’s Industrial revolution failed it would also have great effects on the world. Many areas in the world depend on the US for a variety of different reasons. Thus, if America never advanced to become the world power it is today then the whole world would be completely different. Finally, America would not be as great or successful if there was never child labor. Child labor was a crucial part for the success of the United States

During the Industrial revolution there were more jobs than there were hands. The men could not fill all the jobs. There were so many jobs which increased the demand for workers to fill the jobs. Therefore, when there weren’t enough men to fill all the jobs companies started hiring children and women. However, children were not being paid as much as the men were being paid. Of course, children would obviously not be able to do as much work as a man. However, there were so many children in the country in need of jobs; so hiring ten children would cost the same as one man. Children would fill jobs quick for businesses.

Children would start working as early as the age of six. Children performed all sorts of jobs including working on machines in factories, selling newspapers on street corners, breaking up coal at the coal mines, and as chimney sweeps. Sometimes children were preferred to adults because they were small and could easily fit between machines and into small spaces.(Ducksters, educational site) Children were also used to do grunt work, the jobs no one else would want to do. For example, children might be put in the coal mine which is a not so fun job to have. Although, this is all terrible and children should never be used for such labor, they played a big part in the Industrial revolution. Even with child labor and million of kids all around the country working there were still jobs to fill. The Industrial revolution brought new machinery and businesses that needed workers. There was a large demand for workers in the factories, mines, and construction. Jobs were overflowing into the country.

The whole country was shifting from a more agricultural economy into a more Industrial economy. At the beginning of the 19th century, America was mostly an agrarian(agricultural) society. Approximately six out of seven workers were involved in some type of farming. In 1820, the United States started to shift from an agricultural society to one based on wage labor, which was called the American Industrial Revolution. As the number of states increased from 16 to 34 in 1860, the percentage of farmers decreased to half of the workforce. (,Industrial Revolution). Of course, many of the workers were new to working in factories and mines. Therefore, being new to this kind of work the workers would not be as efficient as workers who are experienced. Therefore, they would need more workers in order to be more effective. However, as time went on workers gained more experience. There would become a lesser need for child labor. So, when child labor laws came in effect, all these industries would continue to work well. However, in the beginning there was a large need for workers. If the children were not put to work and jobs were not filled then businesses would fail. The whole Industrial revolution would have failed. America would be so far behind where it is today.

Child labor was important for the economy, but it was more important for the families in America during this time. When the industrial revolution first came to Britain and the U.S., there was a high demand for labor. Families quickly migrated from the rural farm areas to the newly industrialized cities to find work. Once they got there, things did not look as bright as they did. To survive in even the lowest level of poverty, families had to have every able member of the family go to work.(Child labor, navigation). These new industries needed workers; and these families needed jobs so they could provide food on the table every evening. Looking back child labor looks terrible and it was terrible; these kids were overworked and underpaid. However, this was life back then.

These kids needed jobs so they could help provide for their family. It is hard to think of these kids working; but they were just trying to survive. This goes to show how harsh life can be and how desperate humans can get. Child labor is terrible; but working in these factories definitely hardened these kids and matured them. These children would grow up doing more work than almost any adult nowadays would work. Therefore, when these children became adults two things happened. First, these kids knew how to work hard. So, this really benefited all the industries because they were receiving hard, strong, tough workers.

This helped the economy a lot to have so many no nonsense workers. Secondly, a lot of these kids would see this life and be more motivated to get a better education. Therefore, a lot of children become more educated, thus, creating more young leaders and entrepreneurs which also helped the economy a lot. Therefore, the country is now filled with a mix of educated, smart leaders and strong dedicated workers to strengthen the economy. American workers are smarter and more efficient than any other worker in the world. This is because Americans have grit and perseverance due to a long and tough history including the Industrial revolution. Child labor is terrible; but it was vital to both the families trying to survive and the success of the country.

Child labor was vital to the success of America, thus the world would not be the same if America did not thrive off child labor. The US thrived off of child labor. Children filled jobs that needed to be filled. The Industrial revolution changed America.Child labor played a vital role in the Industrial revolution. The Industrial revolution directly affected the economy, machinery, science etc. America has one of the strongest economies and leads the world in science etc.

This is all heavily due to the Industrial revolution which really shaped America. During the Industrial Revolution There were hundreds of inventions during this time period…the steam engine, cotton gin, power loom(Important inventions, Bright Hub), and so much more. These new inventions helped to produce more resources than ever before. These new inventions did require humans to operate. Therefore, all these industries and businesses needed lots of workers including children. By producing so much, America could also trade and sell extra resources. This led to America having one of the greatest economies in the world. America has always been a step ahead. This is because there are scientist and inventors creating new machinery and inventions that push America an extra step ahead. However, at the end of the day America is not perfect and the country still had to depend on every person that could work including children. Children needed to work for everyone’s sake.

Therefore, for all these reasons child labor was vital to the success of the US. Also, the US provides protection, resources, trades and aid to so many countries around the world. There are many countries in Africa that receive medicine and food from the United States. There are also a lot of countries in Europe that depend on America for Military Alliance. South Korea depends on the Alliance with the United States to maintain safety from North Korea. Israel receives weapons and money from the United States every year. If America never became the world power it is today then the world would look very different today. Russia or China would lead the world into communism. World war two would not have ended as soon or at all if America never stepped in. America has changed the world in so many ways, so if America never progressed to become a world power then the world would be a much darker place.
Therefore, child labor was vital to not only America but the whole world.

Child labor played a very important role in the Industrial revolution and thus the entire world. It’s terrible to look back and think about how all those children were treated. They were made to work so hard. Life must have been so hard. There are still children all over the world that are victims of child labor. There are arguments about child labor in the US. It was terrible but very important. Good news is, there are laws now in the US preventing child labor. Plus, the country is still doing great and is still one of the most powerful countries in the world. The US has a rather dark history but a vital history in making the United States. The US benefited from child labor; and the world benefits off the US. The Industrial revolution has changed the world; and child labor played a big role in the success of the Industrial revolution. Therefore, child labor played a big role in the success of the country.

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