Child Abuse VS Discipline

Written by: Dr. Ruby
Updated: Dec 29, 2022
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Adults consider having children and acknowledge that it comes with commitments. As parents, one most significant consideration is how to discipline our kids to do what is right and avoid doing wrong. Love, values, and moral ethics are attributes some parents use to discipline their children. Other parents exercise discipline towards their children by assuming the authoritative parenting style whereby they offer the most incredible combination of discipline and love while being compassionate without domineering and yet having firm authority. Such parents are incredibly embracing yet have clear guidelines set in place.

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On the other hand, some parents are neglectful and employ aggression, vulgarity, and spanking and assume the significance of efficient discipline. Some parents do not show love or care much for their children’s discipline or needs. These parents who neglect their kids may be experiencing chaos or trauma, such as addiction. Children are not supposed to be physically or emotionally disciplined for different explanations:

First, being a parent comes with the determination to be a great parent. Currently, parenting has become so ineffective because most parents have the necessary parental skills to efficiently raise a child in a positive surrounding. Inadequate parental skills may result in deprived social development for a child, consequently leading to poor adaptation into society. Parents should remain alert and focused in raising their kids, realize that parenting comes with a lot of sacrifices, and do away with the traits that hinder effective parenting. If a kid misbehaves, a parent should think about how to handle the child instead of yelling at them. For instance, a parent should negotiate the best approach to discipline. According to Siegel (2016), a lack of considering the best discipline style may lead to neglect. Children require a secure form of attachment from their parents. Thus, parents should avoid circumstances that will cause their children to feel insecure or unwanted. Effective parenting calls for creating a secure environment for children to grow in and avoiding ignorance which may lead to depression and loneliness. According to the RCOG press, some parents are physically and verbally abusive and neglect their children’s basic needs. Aggressive parents perceive that being violent to their children will make them disciplined, which is not valid. Harsh parenting amounts to permanent adverse effects on a child’s overall development. It is not bad for parents to correct their children, but they should be careful of the body and verbal language they choose when doing so. Therefore, parents should avoid physical and verbal abuse, as this is inhumane to their children; instead, they should handle them with care to prevent the feeling of rejection.

Being inhumane as parents is not recommended because children need to be taught how to love, cherish, respect each other, and grow in a peaceful environment. Given that some people experience unfortunate childhood does not guarantee them to be inhumane; even the Bible encourages us to love one another. Some parents find pleasure in abusing their children physically and emotionally, while others, their abusive parents raised, depict similar abusive traits while raising their children. Many cases prove parents do not care for their kids and view them as a source of misery, causing them to suffer inhumanely and cruelly.

Creating a safe environment for children requires doing away with ineffective parenting and neglect. Children are not able to predict what will happen to them in case they misbehave; however, parents can choose how to handle the situation positively—spending time with kids while engaging in meaningful conversations and activities, talking through misbehaviors or misunderstandings when relaxed are some things parents can use in creating a safe environment when raising their children. Stopping inhumane acts requires a community effort by reporting what is not suitable to safeguard children’s lives. Parents should bear in mind that children are worthy of respect and that there is no need for them to be abusive in disciplining them.

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