Child Abuse VS Discipline

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As adults, we dream of having kids, but we know this comes with responsibilities. One big step we deal with as parents are discipline how we are going to teach our children to do right not wrong. Some parents use moral ethics, values, and love. More parents could benefit from disciplining their kids in a more productive way for example being the authoritative parent who provides only the best combination of love and discipline but is not overbearing, the parent is compassionate yet firm in authority. These parents have a clear set of rules however are terribly caressing. But there are other’s parents that use aggression, spanking and the use of profanity and forget the importance of effective discipline. They become the neglectful parent. You have parents that don’t express love and don’t really care enough for the child’s needs or discipline. The parents’ neglect may be due to their own trauma and chaos, like an addiction. Children should not be emotionally or physically disciplined for three reasons.

First off if you choose to be a parent this means you would want to be the best parent you can be. Today you have ineffective parenting because not all parents have parenting skill sets that is necessary to raise a child in a positive environment throughout their entire childhood. Lack of parenting skills can lead to poor social development and with this, the child, in the long run, will have a very hard time adapting into society. It is very important that parents stay focus and alert raising kids comes with sacrifices and parents should get rid of any attributes that lead to ineffective parenting. If your child is doing something that they’re not supposed to do. Instead of yelling think for a minute. Then instead, ask yourself a question: Are you open to a different approach to discipline? His was said by author Daniel J Siegel If not, it will develop into neglect.

We all know children always look to feel security, especially from their parents. Parents should know too avoid any situation that may make their kid feel unwanted. Being a committed parent is trying hard to offering your kids a safe environment. When a parent is ignorant it makes the child feel lonely and depressed. Some parents abuse their kids physically by hitting them or by not providing adequate food, clothing and shelter as stated by the RCOG press then you got many who abuse their kids verbally by using profanity or put their kids down is when the parents don’t care whether the child eats or bathes. They feel violence will help set child straight but it’s not true. These behaviors are the cause of long-term negative impact on the growth of the child. As parents we can correct our children, but we should be careful about the body language we use and the language we choose to speak. As parents is best to avoid being harsh to their children and should handle them delicately for it becomes a form of neglect. Both physical abuse and verbal abuse is inhumane.

Being inhumane is the worst thing we can become as parents or as human beings because as a child most of us are taught to love, respect and cherish one and another to learn and grow in a harmonious atmosphere. Although some children grow under unfortunate circumstances this does not mean we have to act inhumanely. According to the bible, we need to learn to love everybody. There are parents who get a sense of pleasure out of treating children abusively. There are parents who, having been raised in strict and abusive environments end up repeating the pattern and the mistakes their parents did when they become parents themselves. The truth is there are many cases where parents don’t have compassion for their children, they feel their children bring them misery, so they make their children suffer and this is cruel and inhumane.

The reality is we don’t need to live in a world where our children can’t be safe there are ways to stop the neglect and the ineffective parenting. We can’t expect children to predict with accuracy what will happen if they misbehave. We can, however, prepare ourselves to deal with the child in a positive manner. Like do you spend time each day with your children engaging in meaningful activity or conversations? Do we take time to talk through misunderstandings and misbehaviors when we are calm and level-headed? By practicing these few things, we can stop being inhumane but to do this we must come together as a community and if we see something, we know isn’t right report it because you must imagine yourself in that child’s shoes wouldn’t you want to be helped if you were that child. We don’t have to be abusive in any way with children as parents to get a point across all they need is guidance and love. Children deserve respect too.

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