Child Abuse has been a Major Problem

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Child abuse has been a major problem for a long time and most people are completely unaware of this act. This act affects many children and no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors with parents and their child. This is scary to think about, but this is reality and children are put through this everyday. Parents need to be aware that this act is not tolerable and can not be accepted. It is everyone’s job in today’s society to put a stop to this and show parents that this act is not tolerated. There are many different types of child abuse such as physical, emotional, sexual and child neglect. The causes and effects of child of abuse may harm a child and leave everlasting scars.
What is child abuse? This is the real question that most of the world has no clue what the real answer is. states that Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child.

All through history no one really realized what child abuse was and how serious it came to be until one day a situated unfolded. According to, In the early 1870s, child abuse captured the nation’s attention with news that an 8 year old orphan named Mary Ellen Wilson was suffering daily whippings and beatings at her foster home. This was the first light of child abuse to america and brought prospective into the situation. With this 8 year old being abused the court ordered that the laws for animal abuse can not be greater than the laws for child abuse, so the government up the atty and the orphanage was sued and shut down. This opened the eyes to many americans about child abuse and brought some awareness to the act.

Many people believe that because of the culture or society that they live in that this act will not go on. This act can go on anywhere anytime with anyone. There is no particular race that this act most likely happens in or anything like that. But this just means that more people need to be watching out for these acts and not be afraid to speak up. It could be the parent with a child that you would never expect.
Physical abuse is the most visible to see and witness. This usually takes place in a public place with a lot of people around because the parent usually does not mind if people are watching if performing this act. This is also the most noticeable because after the physical harm is done usually there is bruises are marks left. If anyone ever sees these indications on a child then they should speak up and say something.
Child abuse is more than broken bones are bruises.

Physical abuse is the most visible, but emotional abuse is the most painful. This can leave everlasting scars and memories on children that they should not be experiencing. According to, Ignoring children’s needs, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations, exposing them to sexual situations, or making them feel worthless or stupid are also forms of child abuse and neglect. Does not matter what type of abuse or how it is done this act will leave emotional scarring for the rest of a child’s life. The sooner that a child gets help after this incident took place the faster the child will be able to break the cycle and no longer have this going on within their household. Children need to stop being passive and keeping their words to themselves, they need to speak up when there is suspicious activity between them and their parents. What a parent says to a child can be everlasting.

Another form of child abuse is sexual abuse between the parent and child. This is one of the worst forms of child abuse and can be strongly neglected against. states that sexual abuse occurs when an adult uses a child for sexual purposes or involves a child in sexual acts. It also includes when a child who is older or more powerful uses another child for sexual gratification or excitement. As much as people like to forget about this aspect it is still there and needs to be taken care of because this is sadly a problem and should be taken of. The way that parents lure their child into this act is tricking them and lying to them into thinking that it is all normal and everybody does it. The child does not know any better and thinks what his parents told them is true and believes the rest of their life that it is. That is why children should be aware of this incident and be cautious of it so it does not happen to them.

The next form of child abuse is one of the most harmful to a child, this is child neglect. This is when a child a parent does not keep watch, take care, and support their child and is ignoring them and blocking them out of their life. A child looks up to their parent and is inspired by them and when they block you out, this could destroy a child’s life and scar them for forever. This gives the child a feeling of neglect,not wanted, and sometimes even as worst as the feeling of suicide. This should not being happening within families and should be stopped right away no matter the circumstance.

The last form of child abuse is smoking in maternity mothers. Many people do not believe but smoking mothers have a higher risk of a problem during birth than those of non smoking mothers. This bad habit could be the difference between weather your son or daughter lives or dies. The child has to be birthed at good health and with the parent smoking the child is already off to a bad start and is at risk. Also with the influence of smoking. parents may put a higher risk on the children of having a smoking problem. This is a habit that is not taught by the parents but once their child sees them smoking they are going to want to smoke. This has increased the chance of your child getting cancer or some other deadly disease. With the parent smoking it puts the kid at great risk and can possibly cause major problems. Every parent that decides to have a child should put down the cigarette and worry about their kids health.

There are many ways to prevent child abuse from taking place in your home. A way that a parent can prevent this from possibly happening within their family is for the parent to spend quite a bit of time with their son or daughter through their early childhood. Fathers who take little part in the care of a daughter, particularly during her preschool years, are substantially more likely to sexually abuse that child than fathers actively involved in child care. Many people do not look at the preventions of child abuse because many believe that there are none, but there is and this is a major way to prevent. If a parent is spending time with their child and becoming friends with their child then what parent would want to hurt a friend.

The effects of child abuse are very severe and should not be treated lightly. Most children when experiencing this act develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Most children develop this because of the guilt factor, the relationship between him or her, and the level of support that the victim has. Getting help after something as traumatic as this can be important. If a person does not get help quick enough it could already be too late. According to The Academy of Child and adolescents, the symptoms can be crucial to the daily life such as bad dreams,not sleeping, physically and emotionally unstable, and frequent thoughts of death. These symptoms can be detrimental to a child’s life and can be bad for the parenthood.

The other side of child abuse is the side that most people do not like to think about it. That is the parent that non stops beat their child and just does not feel any harm in doing so. This dude is a rage and should be taken to get some help. Most child abuse situations are more because the parents anger got out of hand and they really did not mean what they did, but they do it every time they get anger.

Child abuse should be stopped and every parent in the world should take notice in this issue. Something as easy as just spending time with your child can prevent these acts from going on within your household. So as a parent today, evaluate yourself and see whether your child may be experiencing some of these problems. If you are the person witnessing child abuse going on then make sure to stand up and say something and do not let it continue to go on because it could just get worse when you are not watching.

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