Cheating in Schools and Colleges

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To begin, Merriam- Webster defines cheating as, “to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud” Although I define cheating as taking someone else’s work, thoughts, ideas, or privileges and claiming them as your own.

First of all, cheating is wrong because it creates a disadvantage for others and you. This creates a disadvantage for others when you have cheated on a test. If your tests are curved then if you cheat you would disrupt the curve and make those at the bottom of the curve receive a lower score than they would have if you wouldn’t have cheated. Cheating can create a disadvantage or problem for you because you could be receiving a grade you don’t deserve and be put into the wrong classes, like if you cheat on a pretest in a class you could be moved out of that class because you know the majority of things they will be teaching and moved into a high-level class. Also cheating can make your grades drop, you could be now receiving zeros for your assignments that you have cheated on causing your grade to drop or you could be copying and not know the information then when a test comes around you don’t know your information so you receive a low score which ultimately will lower your grade. Cheating can also make you not feel that you need to work as hard in the future. If you think that everything is easy enough that you don’t need to do it for yourself you could be not understanding your material or you could lower your work ethic and not have as much motivation to actually do good and succeed.

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Furthermore, I ended up cheating the first time because I was being lazy and not wanting to search through my book for our vocab words. This caused my grade to drop and my work ethic to lower because of my laziness. This time I cheated because Drew and I worked on the assignment together. In class and in the library we sat together and worked on the worksheet with our books. To prevent events like this from happening again I will no longer be lazy with my work like I will be sure that with every worksheet I try my best and not use others definitions or thoughts. Also, I won’t collaborate with other students on our work in case anyone takes ideas that are mine and I won’t take or ask for others ideas or opinions on the topics of the worksheet. Although if I do work with someone I will ensure that our papers have several different ideas and are not using the same ideas. If I struggle to do work I will ask my teachers for help or advice.

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