Causes of Global Warming

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Updated: Jan 15, 2021
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Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our environment. What causes global warming? what solutions are there to this problem? Global warming is a phenomenon of which climate change and also it generally increases the average temperature of the earth. So people also the animals have been facing such kind of recent problems like this but it has been getting more and more facts of environment as others that meanings human beings have been doing huge activities for the environment but anybody doesn’t think about this we can also say the climate changes are facing to the nature even other sections. This fact is a main topic not only youngers but also past elders knowing all this majority gives and share their personal advantages day by day. so temperature gets various degrees in the various countries by this everybody has to face this increasement of the earth.

When we talk about the ozone layer people who are living with so many ideas of negatives it means invisible actions for the people also the animals we can see from tv, inter-net about atmosphere how is increasing and what are the disadvantages to us even the present world anybody cannot avoid from this problem so according to the topic this the most dangerous reaction to face and cant do same thing for to the nature it has been damaging for the last 200 years. So, people who have been finding so many solutions for this but still not to see fair facts. We can say fair solutions should be found as soon as possible.

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Due to the natural rotation of the sun it gives us much more uses for many years the problem is we don’t want to get more rise from it when we talk about the global warming happens, we can feel year by year it is increasing with making diseases. So, the greenhouse gases haven’t been seen any more in the earth and after that methane capacity goes highly of the environment with destroying the ozone layer.

So, we know that most of the methane is giving us much more problems with hard breathing the other section is volcanoes eruptions this is the most common matter in most sides of the earth there are so many volcanoes are giving very highly temperature with vanishing oxygen. So, it issues so many Carbon dioxide with very warmly also the highly heat it also more infective for many areas. This is harmful for lots of animals that live on earth. Also, same sections release to the air with heating more urban areas so it is very dangerous. Some factors, halls, departments and some working areas release their waste with during that way reports show same percentages highly that’s way carbon dioxide is getting high. With all this climate is not constant for any time but it has been changing cold to the hot periods changing paths

So over earth still has been changing for many years with giving worming high over modern life is also changing with facing the atmosphere activities. There are so many power sections also give to increase the atmosphere. By this can mention same examples that activities of the deforest station, House building, power matching workings, burning electrical equipment’s and other prohibited activities. So, the governments have been finding preventions for this problem. Japanese people mainly are creating some methods for this problem but America, Russia try to find new inventions with space and the other plants also some are positive but some are not. So lot of countries have been suffering for this match able methods and find a world that without diseases but still it has been a problem like cannot find wasting areas even any country try to throw to see and ocean also destroy by this there are so many solutions can get from the fair ideas from educated people. Also, countries haven’t been collected by much more convections about this that mains majority has to make much more programs every time.

So, with solutions cannot see the correct path not only the people but also the animals that is the part of living without any kind of matter in the present also to the future. As creational people we must try to produce minimum gas to the air without destroying oxygen and remember how to use to even city people also to the rural people. To the global areas that cannot produce artificial fair makes the reason is naturally they are growing without doing any problems. That’s why people who are having problems with longer unpleasant matters.

With this purpose this is not a one-person duty. What are the decisions to get in many sections people do something but can’t stop it however. Books and magazines are written by people also they have been used but can’t see the real projects have to safe the world. Some solutions like recycling, reusing is not working because of there are maximum such like plastic items, Cardon items and non-waste cannot destroy any how. Using the previous methods haven’t been seen any match able environmental methods. If can start some programs like rules for the people to not doing cut off and make some programs in school level is fair. Some countries such like Switzerland, New Zealand and England haven’t face this problem more but still there are making for other countries have to stop the increasement of warm. So, it will be finding and support to the livings in future

With talking of the results of this dyeing of people and the animals removing lands, making diseases, decreasing oxygen, releasing Cardon dioxide and other un fairs are make us confusion all time. So, this is not a short-term problem and should be got plans like, growing plants, closing some factories and making water waste and government support. By this this problem will we cleared soon. We know that we cannot change the climate also can’t get make long term solutions. I have an idea about may be after 30 years all the oil asset will be finished and will be created oxygen items not even now. Finally, I want to mention here that if we can control our bad activities in the world, we could see a fullest rain forests with more oxygen environment without highly global warming.

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