Building Students Confidence and Achievement through Growth Mindset

Also, growth mindset plays an important role in Americans’ life. Furthermore, we as a community should focus on developing growth mindset. By providing “Brainology” programs our, school, this will help our future people to be successful.

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According to Dweck, “it turns out that we can change our mindsets to have a growth mindset if we are aware of the mindset we have now.” Thus, since we have the options and potential to change our mindset, this can help us to be more successful, teach us of challenging ourselves to reach new heights, never give up and motivate us to do more so to increase our intelligence. Of course, having a growth mindset encourages us to learn and to put in effort. If you truly believe that growth mindset can improve you at something, you might be much more driven to learn, practice, and expect challenges, and gives you a fulfilled life, which lies at the heart of grit concept.

It is necessary to focus on “Brainology” because growth mindset has been proven to be a useful and beneficial tool for students in conflict with grit, which lack research and the practical part of how “grit” can be taught. In her article, Dweck examines the effect and the impacts of fixed and growth mindsets on students in seventh grade. She says, ” Those with a growth mindset were much more interested in learning than in just looking smart in school. This was not the case for students with a fixed mindset. In fact, in many of our studies with students from preschool age to college age, we find that students with a fixed mindset care so much about how smart they will appear that they often reject learning opportunities”(Dweck). It is not surprising, that students with growth mindset were welling and committing to learn new skills to challenge their power of knowledge. While growth mindset is proven to be an effective skills to teach children, it would be impossible to address the same about “Grit”. Although grit is the outcome of having growth and every children should have the abilities to learn it, grit itself misses the important step of how it can be taught to students. Even though during ted talk, Duckworth’s spoke in how to teach grit is, “I don’t know”( Duckworth). As a result, many schools that provides program to teach grit, teachers do not follow the strategies that Duckworth gave us. In others word, to better our future children you need to find a way to teach grit and follow the same strategies that professor Duckworth has mentioned.

Both “Brainology” and “Grit” are the most important and powerful skills that Angela Duckworth and Carol S. Dweck’s provided us. The benefits of a growth mindset can be the way to better our students future. Basically, grit is that feature that people have that allows them to move on in the face of a challenge. When a person meets up with that pressure they either climb it or blast a hole through it. Clearly, after one knows what grit actually is, one can see how important grit is to success. However, it can be dangerous if you don’t take a growth mindset into consideration. That could mislead us to a dark path. It’s crucial for someone to be able to know how to control the way they express themselves, way to build their mentality towards their abilities, the power to educate themselves, and to believe in hard work more than in talent. Growth mindset and grit should be taught to students while they are still in high school so that they can feel prepared to go out on their own and make a positive contribution to education.

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