Fixed and Growth Mindset

The brain is believed to be a powerful determiner of a person’s behavior. Development that takes place in one’s life is determined by the kind of thoughts and beliefs they perceive. The following discussion delves on fixed and growth mindset, as studied by Dell’Antonia’s and O’Keefe articles.

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In Dell’Antonia’s article, the growth mindset has enabled most college students to display the desirable qualities. Whenever they embrace growth mindset, college learners improve on their abilities, and succeed in their academics. In contrast, fixed mindset is an obstacle to most students, as they believe they cannot succeed in a particular area. It puts fear and discouragement in learners, that they cannot achieve a certain goal.

According to O’Keefe, Dweck, and Walton, the value of a growth mindset is its relevance to innovation in most fields. It does not limit itself to IDEO (O’Keefe, Dweck & Walton, 2018). For instance, architects interested in social welfare manage to design affordable and attractive housing units for less fortunate families. The ideas put across by Dell’Antonia that encourages the growth mindset among children can be integrated with the ones in O’Keefe, Dweck, and Walton. Firstly, Dell’Antonia observes that, instilling the growth mindset in college students calls for passion and high levels of perseverance among parents and teachers. O’Keefe et al who are of the idea that, it is possible to develop interests, considering that with investment and commitment, support his assertion; they are likely to grow over time. Dell’Antonia asserts that, instilling a growth mindset in children is expected to be a systematic process and not a one-time thing.

Therefore, the parent is expected to follow up with the children even as they get older (Dell’Antonia, 2016). In that sense, it is achieved through sustained efforts and resilience. Similarly, O’Keefe et al observes that, growth mindset is vital in realizing innovation across different fields. Meaningfully, whenever individuals are in different fields, they have to show continued interest, even when things are challenging and complex. This can only be achieved through a growth mindset. In conclusion, my experience of learning connects to the idea put forth by Dell’Antonia. I have applied his idea of achieving a growth mindset by putting effort to learn a new thing, instead of just giving up. Even when a concept appears difficult, I always find a way of learning it.     

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