Buddhism Meets Christanity

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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When you think of Christianity and Buddhism they both may appear very different from one another, but in fact, in some ways they really are very similar. The religions they have certain beliefs, and traditions that they value. Christianity and Buddhism are both the world’s most significant and influential religions. A Spiritual Master that was seeking a path to salvation founded them both. They have a strong resemblance between Jesus and Buddha, with their lives and teachings.

In both Christianity and Buddhism, what I thought was very interesting that they had in common was they both never wrote down their own teachings.

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In addition, the teachings they taught had been wrote down years later after they both were already dead. Buddhism mainly focuses on personal spiritual development; it has teachings of Gautama Buddha. Buddhism helps with suffering so that you can have a state of enlightenment. Even though there is no true god in Buddhism, it still worship his or her god. Christianity is a religion that focus on the person and has teachings of Jesus, it believes in one god and one god only. Buddhism is a nontheistic religion and Christianity is a monotheistic religion.

On the other hand, Christianity and Buddhism have many different aspects. The belief is god with the Buddhist is there is no belief in god, they believed that nothing possible was fixable and that change is always possible. In Christianity, they believe in one god Father, Son, Or the Holy Spirit. They both worship but they have different places where they worship at. Buddhist worships at shrines, temples and Buddhist monasteries, and Christianity worships at churches, chapels, and even home bible studies.

One of the main practices of Christianity is reading the bible, and prayer but other practices we use are like worship in a church. The practices Buddhism use is Meditation and the Eightfold path that is, a path of Buddhist use to practice to end suffering the eight practices used in the Eightfold path is “right understanding, right thought, right action, right speech, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration”. Another big difference in the two religions is reincarnation Buddhist maintain the endless cycle of birth and rebirth, Christianity goes by that we only have one life with one chance.

Some Similarities they share are a spiritual master founded them both, they both taught the use of simple parables. In every religion there are a bunch of disagreements between the two, one main thing Buddhism and Christianity have in common is they both disagree with their own religion on things, for example, Christians disagree about Christianity and Buddhists disagree about some Buddhism things. They also share two strands just like every other religion, the first strain is it gives us answers to our questions it gives something for us to hang on to and get on with our daily life. The second strain encourages more in depth thought; it goes way past languages and the comfort level in religions.

Moreover, both religions encourage their followers to do charities for poor people. Buddhism have an action that is required called “Dana” it includes giving, sharing, without expecting anything in return. Buddhist giving to the poor also indicates things like sharing the loss of a loved one or offering a practice of mediation or even being there for someone that is going through suffering. Christianity has charities at schools, hospitals and social events anything that has a need Christians help with charities.

Some examples of charities that Christians help with are, Operation Blessing International, which is an operation that helps people in need of clothing, appliances, and vehicles. Another one is Children’s Hunger Fund this operation created to help starving children; they provided boxes of food to poor families with children. The Salvation Army was another charity this provided hunger relief with dinners, housing assistant, homeless service, Christmas services for children and even after school programs to help parents get a job.

Additionally, they were both equal. Buddha accepted all caste and the Christ taught his people that philosophy was not for a small race. Some of the caste in Buddhism are The Kshatriya, The Brahmins, The Merchants, and The Artisans. One of the most popular sayings in Buddhism and Christianity they’ve been taught that you can overcome hate through the power of love, Buddhism saying is “hatred cannot be overcome by hatred” and Christ is “Love your enemy”. Both of these religions have a monastic and lay approach.

Christianity was discovered over 2000 years ago when Jesus was born into a humble Jewish family, his mother was Mary. Christians believed that Jesus father was the holy spirit of God. Christians also believed that God sent his son in human form so that people would understand a lot better that God was caring and loving parent. Jesus experienced the suffering of people, he healed the sick, he told stories and even preached about what God wanted them to do. He taught others to love and forgiving, by being devoted and forgiving himself, not only did he build loyalty from others he also made enemies along the way.

Buddhism was founded in the late 6th century by Siddhartha Gautama was from northern India but now it’s a part of Nepal, the Buddhist way of life is peace, loving kindness and wisdom. All of our suffering comes from negative state of the mind and if you was happiness, you have to find the positive state of mind. One of the keys to heart of a Buddhist was meditation it is a method for understanding your own mind. Anyone that wanted to learn meditation can easily learn the basic techniques. They go by a very particular spiritual path they have to follow to have lasting happiness.

In conclusion, now that I have compared these two religions it is almost impossible to believe that they are any different but in fact, they are very different they just share a lot of the same stuff. To become a Buddhist they strive to become one but Christians do not strive to become God or Jesus. Buddhism and Christianity are two religions with beliefs and somewhat compared to each other.

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