Birth Control a Mixed Issue Today

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Birth control has become a mixed issue today in our society. The types of birth control that can be used vary , while the side effects aren’t being explained to the women and our younger generation who use them .The most common birth controls are the pill and Depo-Provera . Both birth controls were made to prevent pregnancy but both have horrible side effects that can mess with your body in the long run .

In 1960-1970 the first clinical trials of the depo Provera were done on low income women and many women in developing nations .

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Many of the trials were done without their consent . The FDA approved it in 1992 , with strong objections from the national “Women’s Health Education Project” . The depo which is known as “the shot” is used by is used by more than a million people in the United States . Depo is a progestin hormonal method of birth control which is injected in the arm or you have a choice to receive on your bottom . You’re supposed get the shot every 3 months for it to be effective in your body .

The depo shot has many side effects such as irregular menstrual bleeding, bone Density loss and weight gain . According to the article it states “if Depo-Provera is used continuously for more than two years , the loss of calcium may significantly increase the risk of osteoporosis and broken bones”. They make these birth controls without telling You the effects on your body . Many women refuse to continue taking the Depo after the first year due to spotting or bleeding. Weight gain is another effect according to the research from the Texas Medical branch around two thirds of women who used depo gained five pounds just during the first year . Not many of us women are informed and given the right information for the side effects .

In 1950 Margaret Sanger created the first human birth control pill . In 1960 the first oral contraceptive was approved by the drug administration . The oral contraceptive pill is a hormone based method used to prevent pregnancy . Also helps with irregular menstrual , acne and uncomfortable cramps . This pill is used by nearly 16 percent of Women aged 15 to 44 in the united states as stated in the article . There are many different types of pills that contain estrogen and progesterone . This pill is supposed to taken the same time everyday to prevent pregnancy for it to be effective .

The one thing the doctors don’t tell you before taking the pill are the side effects.

Which include decreased libido, weight gain and cardiovascular problems . Birth control Pills have also been associated with an increase in blood pressure and some types of cancer . One of the long term effects are cardiovascular which can cause blood clots , Stroke and a heart attack .

I’ve once tried both birth controls and wasn’t happy with the outcome . I was never informed for the side effects for either birth controls . Today birth control is still a topic that is discussed because of the side effects on women’s body. Birth control is supposed to prevent pregnancy but instead it just damages your body . Most of the time women do end up becoming pregnant while on birth control . There has to be an answer to prevent any of these side effects .

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