Being Judged by Others? here’s how to Deal with It!

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I’m comparing my article with another person’s article my poem talks about people being scared to speak up and being judged by other people and the other person’s poem talks about men and women being judged differently. My article will compare things with the other article and to see why the other person’s article is mostly the same as mine. Both articles have different title but have the same connection and that’s what I’m going to be showing.

My article is about people being scared to speak up and being judged by other people, many people have fear to speak up especially women. Also men are scared to speak up not only women everyone can have a small fear in themselves. People don’t want to be scared to speak up they want to be free and say their opinion without anyone telling them anything. If they don’t ever speak up they will one day regret it and that will always be in their mind. People don’t judged only by just saying their opinion people can judge you by the way you dree , the way you speak, the way you walk and the way you look.The article that I’m going to be comparing is about men having more power than women this means that women can’t do what men do. Some people think that women are useless and they can just be a housewife. Mostly man think that they think women only know how to wash, cook food, take care of kids and clean the house. Some men have machismo and the men that are machismo are wort they think women are worthless, that they can’t speak for themself and that they need a man to take care of her.

Both of the articles have two things in common and that’s being judge and one of the reason why in my article people are scared to say their opinion and being judge and in the other article people judge women if a job is done by a men. People judge men and women differently and by differently I mean they judge men and women for different things but sometimes it’s for the same things but mostly different. In my article they’re are judge for what they might say and in the other article on what they do in both article they both get judge and people discriminate them not for there color but for their actions. Like I said before people judge mostly over everything if a women says something or does something bad they get judge this mostly affects women but in other ways also men but women’s get more judge than a man.The second thing they both have in common is having a lot of fear in themselves for example in my article they don’t want to say what they think and in the other article they don’t want to say what they feel in other words express themselves. Most people are scared to say or do something and that’s fine some people are brave and some are scared no matter what you do or say people will always judge. Women as men can have a lot of fear some men aren’t capable to speak or do something and they fear of that just like women they also fear they can speak or do something. Let me give you an example of what my point is no one is perfect it’s true that some women may not do what men do but there are some women that can do a job of a men and sometimes even better but people should know that some women might know how to handle things and some don’t. And if men speak up that’s fine some women are shy because as we all know mostly women are shy and that’s normal that’s nothing to judge we are all different and everyone should know that we aren’t perfect either.

In conclusion people don’t care what you feel or think they will always judge you men and women get judge mostly everyday, people judge even if they don’t know them and that will always happen. Women and men get hurt by words that’s why people are scared to speak or do something many women and men don’t trust themselves their not confident to themselves for the same reason that people judge you no matter what. Other people come and judge just to make someone feel bad or for they can look worthless and in my opinion that’s not right people should stop judging other people no one is perfect everyone has freedom of speech. These 2 articles are giving you a message and that message is to not judge a book by it’s cover and that’s something everyone should have in mind this goes to men and women and it’s also saying to treat others the same way you want to be treated. Both article show a lot of people judging and being fear and the reason people act and feel that way is because no one is stopping them no one is doing anything not even speaking up that’s what both articles are trying to say even though it doesn’t say that in the articles some people may agree with me and some won’t the people that don’t agree with me are the people that like to judge and discriminate men and women. You should never judge someone by the opinion of others this means people can judge for just one word you say for example I’m hungry and all those type of things. Women have power like men only that different all women are strong and my men also a women can do what men does and a men can do what a women does if women clean also men can and men drive also women can i don’t know why people judge that’s my question. People can do whatever they want their free if people don’t know how to do the things then that’s fine they can learn and if people want to say something let them their aloud to just like you’re allowed to put a comment in social media. No one has to be perfect for another person just be you don’t let one control you and make you feel bad if you can’t do something and need help that’s okay that doesn’t mean you’re powerless and if you need to say something you don’t agree with then go ahead you have the right to speak. This will be an example for the both articles when i was a little girl i was always shy and to speak i was never sharing my opinion with others because i was scare people would laugh at me and there was a time i couldn’t do something and asked my mom my point is that even I suffer with all this and not only me i have other people that suffer this and for me this is not a problem for me this is normal because you are learning new things. I learn new things all the time and it takes time to learn I’m still scared to speak up and somethings my mom has to do them for me and I’m fine I just know that with the time me and other people will learn how to speak up and do things in our own. 

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