Are Electric Cars Better than Petrol Diesel Cars?

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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With the advent of technology everything in this world has changed in some or little ways, in the field of automobile human beings has made a tremendous progress which is implausible. With increase in consumption of fossils fuels it has become a global issue to reduce pollution, moreover to reduce the dependency of countries on other countries for fuel sources. So, car companies came up with idea to make cars which run on an alternative power source. They used natural gas and more sources to run cars and ended up to a result of chargeable cars.

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More information about electric cars will be given in the subsequent paragraphs.

Thesis: Electric cars are not as bad as people think they are. Firstly this essay will tell about one of the global problem pollution, which is not created by electric cars, then about the maintenance cost of the electric cars that is much lesser than gas powered cars and finally about safety which is the major thing to be considered and it will change the mindset of individual’s regarding electric cars. Even though electric cars sound like a bad idea but in reality they aren’t that bad.

First and the foremost thing about electric cars is that they do not make as much pollution as the gasoline cars do, in comparison the electric cars make 60% less pollution than the gas powered cars. According to (EIA, 2015) in 1990s, the government of transportation measured the highest emission rate of carbon dioxide of US economy and the transportation sector is projected to generate nearly half of the 40% rise in US carbo dioxide emission forecast for 2025.(as cited in Romm, 2018). Moreover the biggest argument against electric vehicles in most cases is that to run these vehicles the electricity produced will cause some emissions, but it is clear as water that electric vehicles do not have exhaust pipes. So, there is no chance of any carbon emissions in any conditions.

Secondly, maintenance price is the most important thing that masses take car about when they buy a new car or any other vehicle. An internal combustion engine has number of different parts moving in different directions which is a complex mechanism, so it needs serious machinery and regular services which pinch owners pocket badly, electric cars are simple with only one moving part that means no complex structure and less service cost.

Last but not least is the safety, gasoline powered cars are dangerous from this point of view also sometimes due to overheating of engines or any other mechanical problem in the car can cause an engine bore explosion due to which the car can catch fire which is a serious danger on the other hand in case of electric cars there is no piston so the person and his vehicle both are safe from this danger.

To conclude it can be said that in future these cars will become the basis of transportation, because people are using fossil fuels at a high rate that it will become extinct. Moreover, it is also the duty of every individual to save these resources for the upcoming generations.

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