An Essay on the Unnecessary Wall: the U.S.- Mexico Border

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Updated: Aug 18, 2023
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An Unneeded Wall. Today, we must address an issue that is urgent in our nation. We will debate the building of 700 additional miles of wall across the U.S.-Mexico border. Some insist that this is a necessary measure in the fight against the ever-growing threat of terrorism in our globalized world. They argue that illegal aliens will continue to overrun our country, stealing jobs from citizens and bringing with them crime and drugs if we do not act. Several others lament the pressure to learn another language, now spoken by 28.

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1 million of this nation’s population.

I respectfully disagree with these opinions and urge you to consider what many others and I are saying before committing a massive expenditure on something of uncertain value. Firstly, terrorists do not infiltrate through the Mexican border. It is highly implausible that a terrorist would risk being apprehended or suspected by a border patrol agent before they even near their targets.

Terrorists have never entered via our southern border before. Realistically, if by an off-chance, a terrorist decided to enter via this route, a wall would not deter them. We understand this due to the level of organization that typically precedes most terrorist plot executions. Terrorist groups possess an array of resources; surely, they can devise a way to bypass a wall. Even a three-layer thick wall, as proposed at several places, will not halt the influx of immigrants into the United States. 

A critic of the wall, Ruben Navarrette Jr., who wrote an article for, aptly stated, “First, as any border patrol agent will tell you, there’s no fence that can keep out someone who is desperate to feed his family and who’s willing to go around, go over, or go under it.” He went on to explain that erecting fences might exacerbate immigration problems. We’ve built fences before, and it only resulted in more illegal immigration. Previously, one family member would go north- a father, son or brother, and he’d work and go back to Mexico for Christmas or Mother’s Day. Each time he returned home, there was the chance he’d stay. Now, the difficulties and expenses of crossing make it improbable for workers to return. As a result, they are paying smugglers to bring their families to join them in the United States.

Immigrants form an indispensable part of our economy, and our budget is already in deep deficit. This costly venture would further plunge us into debt. This concern cyclically gains and loses importance, mirroring the fluctuating support for political parties in this country. We need to recognize this as a fleeting trend used to gain votes and generate political hype around election seasons and halt it before committing a costly mistake. It is imperative to consider this proposal thoroughly. I believe when you do, you will realize that this is not a law we need to pass. This is not what we need to be focusing on as a Senate or a country. Immigration, illegal aliens, and terrorism are all significant issues, but passing this bill will do little to help with any of those concerns. Sources: – article: Commentary: House GOP pushes ‘reform for dummies’ September 25, 2006. – topics: ‘United States-Mexico Barrier’, ‘Immigration in the United States’.

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