Border Wall Critical for Reducing Crime

To start off, Border enforcement veterans spoke to lawmakers stating that “fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border has been ‘absolutely critical’ in reducing violence, drug-smuggling and illegal entry.” Ronald Colburn, who is both a past Border Patrol deputy chief and a chief of the Yuma Border Patrol Sector, implemented a border fence between southwestern Arizona and southeastern California in 2006. In 2015, another fence was installed along the United States-Mexico border which also played a big role in reducing crime. Implementing both of these fences were proven to be successful and caused a significant decrease in crime by the bandits, traffickers, and other illegal immigrants..

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Prior to the fence being built, approximately 2,706 drive-throughs occurred where “illegal immigrant crossed the ‘unfettered’ border with ‘contraband of drugs and people.” Out of all of the people crossing in, only thirteen were captured. Colburn stated that “the rest all got away, with no idea what, or who, they brought in.” Worst of all, Yuma was becoming known as the most dangerous part of the border. It was known to be dangerous because “Colburn [omit] catalogued more than 200 attacks by ‘border bandits’ – gangs [known to] ‘prey on their own.” These bandits would rob, sexually assault, and even murder Mexican migrants. After the installation of this wall was finally completed in 2006, “[the] violent bandit attacks went from 200 to zero.” In addition to this, the drive-throughs dropped from 2,706 to just six. This information shows how helpful a role this wall played in reducing crime.

Colburn stated that by 2008, the arrests at the Yuma Sector of “illicit border crossers and traffickers had dwindled from over 138,000 to 8,363.” Having this fence in place is important to the United States because it draws “our line in the sand” and enforces our code to reduce crime. In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security installed about 350 miles of primary pedestrian fencing and another 300 miles of vehicle fencing along the United States-Mexico border which according to David Aguilar, former acting official of Customs and Border Protection, “improved detection and surveillance capabilities, dropping migrant apprehensions from 1.7 million in fiscal 2000, to 408,870 in fiscal 2016.” While having this wall put up will cause a significant drop in crime, there is problem with the installation of this wall: the “wall that President Trump has promised could cost nearly $70 billion.” This money will be coming right out American citizens’ pockets.

Based on the statistics, one can see from this that having a wall in place will be beneficial to the United States because the crime rate will be reduced. The goal of having this wall put up is to ensure that traffickers, bandits, and other illegal immigrants do not sneak into the United States. We need to enforce our code about drawing our line in the sand. While this wall will cause a significant decrease in crime, the overall price of the wall comes out to $70 billion which can put a substantial burden on the American citizens. While this is very expensive, we need to ensure the safety of everybody in the United States and it all starts with who you let in.

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