An Analysis of the Healthcare Policy

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Updated: Mar 31, 2023
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Healthcare policy evaluation is an activity or an approach created to attain a specific purpose in culture. A policy defines a vision, top priorities, and roles of different groups in its application. It can additionally be utilized to suppress ailments influencing individuals, such as excessive weight to name a few. The last is a health issue affecting the majority of Americans, especially the young generation (Marmor, 1994). Maryland is a state situated in America, which has actually developed a strategy to manage weight problems by having a healthcare policy that is essential to its individuals.

Among the plans that were recognized was that of taking action at the individual degree based upon the social-ecological model, which served as a support to citizens, and they began measuring their body mass index (BMI) (Maryland Department of Wellness and Mental Health, 2002). They also concentrated on accomplishing, and preserving a healthy weight, which aided individuals understand their weight progression once in a while (Almgren, 2007). This expertise allows an individual to apply physical weight decrease programs, such as exercises and the decrease of fatty foods, which result into a weight gain in a long run. Maryland developed a lot awareness via setting up determining weights in university hospital. It allowed individuals to check their weight, even if they were not sick. After an individual has actually examined his/her body mass index, a guidance is given to them through the media and social connection. An individual can compare his/her weight and elevation. Therefore, this has attained a tremendous favorable response in the state by encouraging people on just how to maintain themselves.

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The social-ecological model has yielded better outcomes, because a person can recognizing the weight effects. Many people can come up with strategies to enhance their diet and workouts, which later on can normalize their body mass index (Maryland Department of Health and also Mental Hygiene, 2002). Maryland has actually likewise adopted a nationwide health and wellness plan on weight problems in the execution of the technique by integrating a wellness weight program (Maryland Department of Wellness as well as Mental Health, 2002). This policy requires an individual to discover pointers on exactly how to slim down and means of preventing a boost in it. The examination of this policy is carried out through measuring a body mass index after the duration of time. It is done with a list in health centers, especially for individuals, who have an issue, and an action with questionnaires and also mail articles to people (Mason, 2007).

It makes it less complicated for the state health and wellness division to have precise details to embrace an examination and also analysis policy. Policies of doing something about it at the family members and neighborhood degrees have actually likewise been developed (Maryland Department of Health and also Mental Hygiene, 2002). They are part the social- eco-friendly version, being commonly acknowledged. These approaches placed anxiety on understanding individuals’s kids body mass index. Once again, it encourages physical activities that will certainly enable them to live a healthy lifestyle for combating excessive weight. The program likewise entails nursing youngsters for healthy development that might have a result on their mass index. Moms and dads need to also have ideas to assist kids keep a healthy and balanced body to escape excessive weight that can affect them later on in life.

After the family members degree, community recognition is considered through participating in area programs that emphasize that excessive weight is a trouble influencing people. Through synergy, far better techniques can be made, as it is simple to make up ideas of lots of people with talks and seminars. Checking this policy is very easy because actions from neighborhood members on health and wellness programs are easy to obtain with celebrations as well as conferences. Professionals get assistance from the area and also can assess the situation and its weaknesses for combating excessive weight.

Hence, the plan of acting at the household, area, and also specific degrees makes it simple to draw attention of the majority of citizens to uphold its application and also yield positive results. The framework that focuses mostly on the outcomes is called the PRECEDE-PROCEED design (Maryland Division of Health And Wellness and also Mental Health, 2002). Other policies of combating obesity are tiring greatly on sugary foods and drinks that trigger this problem to individuals. It is clear that sweet foods (fatty foods) are the prime source of weight problems. Therefore, as a result of straining them a lot more, these foods come to be much more expensive. For that reason, their intake reduces with time.

The policy ascertains that obesity complications have resulted into a price problem for the government health and wellness industry, as it tries to regulate it. It has forced the latter to implement policies to decrease this trouble in culture. According to plan specialists, weight problems flourishes in a low-income culture, where feeding habits are poor (Folland, 2007). As a result, steps have been drafted to combat this setting by offering farmers subsidies in order to improve food manufacturing, especially of items with a reduced sugar as well as fat capacity to guarantee a lowered cholesterol level helping to get rid of weight problems problems. The plan additionally incorporates healthy and balanced exercises, such as biking and also walking, as well as motivates healthy and balanced foods to be given to youngsters during lunch at schools.

It is clear that as a result of the execution of the taxation of these types of food bring about weight problems, there will be a positive result. It is due to the fact that makes will be forced to transform item active ingredients and create food that has low amounts of fats. Their consumption price may be figured out quickly by considering the customer market index. It is done by taking a particular product and analyzing its influence on a body mass index of individuals, who have undertaken this fatty-free food procedure by changing to various other sorts of food that are cheap, yet healthy.

The plan that entails the social-ecological design is thorough due to wellness concerns. It concerns individuals taking care of themselves and also gives learning suggestions on just how to maintain the body mass index at the optimum degree. The tax plan might be a little bit dependable, because exhausting on these types of food does not indicate that a person will not buy them. It can reduce the sale of these foods with a little margin, but the best way is to produce understanding via acknowledging effects of excessive weight as well as formulating favorable techniques (Herzlinger, 2007). These might include taking action at the family members, area, and private degrees, making an individual have the wish to understand his/her body mass index and create ways to fight obesity. It is easy to keep track of and assess this healthcare plan as well as its weak point. Tracking can be done after carrying out the plan by using interior control and also targets, which function as standards for comparison purposes. These targets are the ones, which gauge the policy value and also whether it has attained its objective.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a policy analysis in public health?

When it comes to public health, conducting a policy analysis is essential for evaluating the possible consequences of a suggested policy on the overall health of the community. This analysis may involve examining the feasibility and practicality of implementing the policy, weighing its benefits and drawbacks, and determining its impact on public health outcomes.

What is an example of a policy analysis?

A policy analysis comprehensively evaluates a specific policy, including its design, implementation, and impact on individuals and institutions. The analysis may consider the policy’s effectiveness, feasibility, and potential consequences, both intended and unintended. It may also involve identifying potential areas for improvement or revision to achieve the desired outcomes.

How do you write a public policy essay?

The process of writing a public policy essay will vary depending on the specific topic and assignment. However, some general tips can help you produce a high-quality essay. First, be sure to read and understand the assignment instructions carefully. Next, develop a strong thesis statement articulating your position on the issue.

An Analysis of the Healthcare Policy essay

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