America is Suffering from Poverty

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023
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America is Suffering from Poverty

A comprehensive analysis of the state of poverty in America, emphasizing its widespread nature and its impact on various facets of society. This essay will probe into the root causes of American poverty, from systemic issues to policy decisions, while also shedding light on its ripple effects, from health to crime. At PapersOwl, you’ll also come across free essay samples that pertain to America topic.

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United states of America haves a population of 325.7 million people. As Americans we love Sunday night football, Drake concerts, watching Donald Trump run our country into a hole andoursocial networks. Although we have several interests we cannot let it entertain us from the fact that America is suffering from poverty. Poverty is the state of being awfully poor. What decent country puts more focus on their Instagram poststhan their bank account funds? According to World Bank, in 2013 769 million people in the world lived off of .

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90. Only 3.2 million of 769 million were USA citizens. The effect of having low balances in your bank account are you borrowing money from friends and family.

Furthermore, if you borrow money you could be emptying one person’s pockets to fill your own. Also, your food sources would be rare for fast food places and grocery stores do not sell multiple meals for just 2 dollars. Lastly, housing situationswill be hard for if you do not have government housing assistance you will end up homeless. American poverty starts from the many daily bills we have evenhanded to live a basic healthy life. There are 5.3 million Americans who are poor by global standards. The USA is ahead of places like Sierra Leone and Nepal when it comes to poverty rates. The effect of havingmillions of poor citizens is the streets are going to turn into homes. For example, Los Angeles homeless rates are rising and New York homeless people proportionsare dropping. Likewise, people rather live outsidein warmer conditions. Not to mention, if the streets turn into homes the crime will increase. According to Anne Case, suicide, alcohol, and drug abuse rates raised when poverty amounts raised. We must not let losing jobs, money or sometimes our homes force us to take ourselves away from our families forever.

Allegedly, humans survive longer in rich countries for clean water, safe food and sanitation, etc. Life expectancy in the United states is lower than Vietnam and Bangladesh. According to Anne Case, group life expectancy is failing along with heart disease rates increasing. Americans are failing to shift their focus on the true problems. For example, if we are having more hurricanes people are losing more resources along with other people having to deal with upcharges for the loss of assets. Vietnam and Bangladesh are places known for farming for their resources are grown endlessly. America is losing out on food resources and gaining more factories, jails and universities. Moral of this paragraph, we are misplacing our people and achieving institutions that make USA governments wealthier. In conclusion, everyone says how they hate Donald Trump but who voted for him? Everyone saysthat gas prices are too high but what are we doing to help states suffering from natural disasters? We must not add to the hard situations with our negative opinions and whining. On the other hand, we have to find the problem and attack it. Americans are supposed to be about unity so together if we want to we can help fight poverty back to the stone ages.

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