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“Langston Hughes was an African American poet. He was a great poet and inspired others. He was born on February 1,1902 in Joplin, Missouri, Langston’s great grandmothers and grandfathers were slaves. One of them was known as Sam Clay, who was related to Henry Clay on Hughes’ great grandfather’s side. On his great grandmother’s side, Mary Patterson married Lewis Sheridan Leary. Sadly, later, he was badly injured in a fatal accident. After 10 years, Mary decided to marry Charles Henry Langston.

The Langston’s daughter, Carrie Langston, became a schoolteacher and married James Nathaniel Hughes. Their second child was Langston. After Langston was born, his father left and had a divorce with Langston’s mom. Langston’s childhood was spent with his grandmother because his mother traveled to find a job. After his grandmother died he moved with his mother.

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When they moved to Cleveland, Ohio, Hughes attended Central High School. There he was inspired by one of his teachers. He wrote short stories, poems, and dramatic plays in the school’s newspaper. This is an interesting fact because it shows that Langston gets into poetry. He later tried to get his father to help him attend to Columbus University.

When Hughes became an adult, he had odd jobs. He became a crewman on a sail to Europe. He had a romance there with a woman named Anne Marie Coussey, but later she married a different man named Hugh Wooding. I thought this was a interesting fact because Hughes found a love but was never married. After Hughes became a member of the black expatriate community. Hughes became a personal assistant to a historian but later he left. He refused the position to become a busboy at Wardman Park Hotel. There he did meet Vachel Lindsay and shared some of his poems which Lindsay published later.

Langston wrote a small poem as a child living with his grandmother. I think this is an interesting fact because it shows that Hughes started some poetry at a real young age. Langston moved in with his father, and his father disapproved of his son’s passion of writing. It was said that some of his poems and writings were not published for argued reasons. Hughes has 17 awards during and after his life. On May 22, 1967 Hughes died at the age 65, in New York City. He had prostate cancer after abdominal surgery. Hughes’ ashes were buried under a research center in Harlem.

My favorite quote is, “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken wing that cannot fly.” (Hughes, Year) This is my favorite quote because it seems like it’s explaining if you stop dreaming you would fail at life. I chose Langston Hughes because he was a poet and I like poetry. I also chose him because I would follow some of his examples, as a writer, when I become a writer. I thought it would be fun to do a report on a black poet.”

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