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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Anja Manuel was brought up and raised in the frontier province of Pakistan. The Karakoram highway led to western China and Pakistan’s dangerous border with India. During Manuel’s childhood she gained a life-long interest in Asia, thus she pursued several jobs in both the public and government. Also, Manuel’s experience in her public and government jobs allowed her to see the shift of power from the U.S. and Europe to China and India. In “This Brave New World” Manuel utilizes her work experiences to provide information and examples to convey her main argument to the reader.

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Manuel’s first job was a State Department Official who negotiated with the capitals of India and China: Delhi and Beijing. Next, Manuel worked at a consulting firm, RiceHadleyGates, where she advised several American businesses on how to properly navigate and create strategic relationships with Asian countries, such as China and India. During Manuel’s career she wrote stories on several influential leaders, such as Narendra Modi. For example, Manuel remembers during Indira Gandhi’s reign, Modi disguised himself as a Sikh, “with turban, full beard and sunglasses,” to continue “distributing banned opposition pamphlets.” Anja Manuel’s experiences in both India and China have allowed her to create excellent and interesting stories for the reader to grasp what life was like in these upcoming powerful countries. For instance, in India individuals would sleep in huts with no sewage, and in China several individuals would be crowded in dorm rooms with horrible smells.

Manuel cultivated two separate pictures for the reader to understand the relationship between the United States, India, and China. The first visualization was China and India fighting in the cold war against the United States. Manuel wants the readers to understand how the United States, India, and China were not connecting with one another leading to mass destruction of their nations. The second visualization Manuel created is where the United States, China, and India are building a strong relationship with one another to assure their countries become more and more powerful. Throughout “This Brave New World” Manuel continues to stress how important the relationship between the United States, China, and India actually is. Anja Manuel believes that if a secure relationship is developed China and India will be able to support one another’s ambitions. Manuel provides a variety of information and examples about how each visualization will impact the United States economy and nation. If the United States does not interact with China and India, the United States will not be able to achieve their goals. However, Manuel believes if the United States does build a tight relationship with China and India, the United States will become even more prosperous. Despite, explaining all the positives and negatives that come with the relationship between the United States, China, and India, she explains several problems that are occuring in each country. For example, Manuel says in India there are still struggles between the religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Also, China and India are having issues with how the government should lead their countries. Till this day the largest part of the Chinese government is the Communist Party, which is a very big problem. Also, Manuel discusses several strategies that can benefit all three countries in their relationship. She says, possibly attracting cheap labor for investment will start expanding each country’s economy. Anja Manuel wants to prove to the world that a strong tie between the United States, China, and India will lead to everlasting success for all three major countries.

Throughout “This Brave New World” Manuel provides the reader with exceptional images and information to convey her chief argument of how China and India are two major countries that will have a significant impact on the United States and its economy. Manuel believes that the most powerful country in Asia is China, but she thinks India will continue to grow at a rapid rate over several years to compete with China. As the book progresses Manuel continues to stress how vital it is for the United States to secure a strong and everlasting relationship with China and India. If the United States, China, and India are able to create a secure relationship, the United States will continue to be one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world. However, if the United States does not create a stable relationship with China and India, the United States economy and nation will slowly plunge. In “This Brave New World” Manuel displays a variety of information and examples to present a compelling implicit argument. The argument found in “This Brave New World” is implicit because Manuel provides images, stories, facts, and examples as evidence to back up her chief argument. Also, Manuel incorporates her personal life and work experiences to help convey her chief argument to the reader. One of the most interesting techniques Manuel utilized was creating two different worlds for the reader to understand how China, India, and the United States interact with one another in both good and bad ways. For example, at one point during “This Brave New World” Manuel illustrates a world in which all three countries are connecting with one another and flourishing rapidly. Manuel visualizes the other world as a place where all three countries are at war and competing with one another. Overall, Anja Manuel displayed an excellent variety of visualizations, examples, and facts to prove to the reader that the United States needs to have a strong partnership with China and India to assure that they are one of the most powerful countries in the world.

The author, Anja Manuel provided fantastic information and examples to enhance my knowledge about Asia. Manuel begins providing the readers with information about how China has immensely developed their military into one of the most powerful threats in the entire world. For example, Manuel said “China is building navy ships and and attack submarines at warp speed.” Throughout the book Manuel continues to portray China and their military as one of the strongest in the world, however she says, “There is a real threat that misunderstandings and distrust on all sides will lead to everyone arming to the hilt in a way that benefits no one. Manuel believes that it is very important for the United States and China to prevent any problems from arising between them to ensure that both countries will continue to prosper. She says, “We should take a longer-term view of China: As its economic interests expand, it will continue to invest heavily in its military, as all rising powers have done.” Also, I learned that in order for both China and the United States to continue succeeding, both countries need to settle their differences. Anja Manuel continues to stress that both China and the United States do not have to tyrannize one another to flourish. Manuel says, “many American commentators see a dangerous scheme to dominate the rest of the world,” even though, “seen from China’s perspective, they are not necessarily menacing.” Anja Manuel has proposed several solutions to settle the differences between the powerhouse countries. She thinks that for countries, such as China, India, and the United States to rapidly grow, the United States “must extend a world order based on American values, we must bring China and India along rather than alienating one or both.” However, if the United States, India and China do not cooperate with one another, several problems will continue to arise, and their nation and economies will continue to suffer. Manuel also added that India’s economy is growing at a rapid rate and becoming very competitive with China, which is key for all three major countries.

Anja Manuel’s, “This Brave New World” applies to the community, state, and nation. The United States could be one of the most powerful and prosperous countries in the world if a strong relationship is built with both India and China. However, if the United States is not able to create a strong bond with India and China, the country and economy will slowly begin to fall. Both the state and community can be impacted in both good and bad ways as well. Suppose the United States government does not infuriate both China and India, the states and communities will be able to flourish. If the United States government does infuriate either China or India, wars can break out all over the world and several nations, states, and communities can be slowly destroyed.

Manuel creates an outstanding image and story for several individuals who will profitably read “This Brave New World”. The main individuals who would find “This Brave New World” interesting are individuals who are politically conscious. “This Brave New World” appeals to individuals who are concerned for the future economy, nation, and government. Personally, I highly recommend “This Brave New World” to high school students, young adults, and individuals who are fond of politics. I do not recommend “This Brave New World” to middle-school students because of the advanced information about governments and economies Anja Manuel utilizes. Also, individuals who are not concerned with the future economy or nation will not find “This Brave New World” appealing. Before reading “This Brave New World” students should take a government or economics class to better their understanding of world nations and economies, allowing them to understand “This Brave New World” in more depth. Anja Manuel provides high school students and politically conscious individuals with great information and examples of how different countries interact with one another.

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