About Halloween

It’ll pass soon and everything will be back to normal.” Too tired to let her protests get under his skin, he walked out of the room and yawned. “Hey J.D!” The youthful voice of J.D’s good friend Turk broke the air. He and J.D had both gone to the same medical school and Turk had become a surgeon. “Some storm, huh?” He said with content, seemingly unbothered by it. “Yeah,” J.D replied. “Never seen anything like it.” He shuddered, hearing himself sound like the old lady. They walked together, staring outside of one of the windows, seeing nothing but blackness which was turned to gray by lightning. J.D could see the silhouettes of palm trees nearly broken in half by the wind. Abruptly, a bolt of lightning struck and all of Sacred Heart went dark. Worried cries of children all the way to the elderly broke the air. “Hey! What was that?!” “Mama! What happened?” “Who turned off the lights?” J.D threw his head back and groaned. Great. As if hiBolts of white lightning flashed through Sacred Heart Hospital’s windows. Thunder clapped and the wind howled with rage. The small Florida town of Briceland was experiencing a historic storm, never before seen by its residents. J.D, a newbie doctor of the hospital, was roaming the hallways, checking off his endless list of patients on his clipboard. His body ached with exhaustion as he entered another room which housed an elderly lady who was frightened by the storm. It was J.D’s second year at Sacred Heart. To be frank, he thought it would be just like the hospitals in the movies and T.V shows with the drama and excitement, but he was dead wrong. “Never in my life have I seen something like this!” The old lady cried with a hoarse voice. “Relax,” J.D said reassuringls shift couldn’t even get any more annoying. “Hey, newbies!” The demanding voice of one of J.D’s and Turk’s mentor doctors came through the darkness. “You ain’t got nothing better to do, go turn on the generators!” J.D almost wanted to snap and say, “That’s the janitor’s job,” but decided to keep his mouth shut. He wasn’t in the mood to hear lectures about obeying his mentor. “Come on,” he said to Turk. “I’m not going to do it by myself.” Turk grabbed a nearby flashlight and illuminated the hallway before them. They moved on. The hallway seemed endless in the pitch of blackness. Something out of the corner of J.D’s eye caught his attention. There was a small amount of light coming from a room. “Hey, look!” J.D ushered to Turk, pointing towards the source of light. “There’s something on.” Turk cocked his head. “That’s weird,” he said with some hesitation behind his tone. With his body and mind now fully alert, J.D ventured toward the light.

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