Abortion: a Woman’s Choice

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Women have long been criticized in every aspect of their lives. They have even little to no choice about how to live their lives. Much like, abortion, which is the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus. It has been one of the most sensitive topics, society sees it as a murderous act. On, January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled on making the availability of abortion illegal. I believe that a woman should be able to choose whether or not to keep a pregnancy.

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She shouldn’t be forced into motherhood. Several circumstances can make a woman choose abortion: · Mental Health · Rape · Simply doesn’t want a child, etc. I think this topic is important because women are still being criticized and shamed for choosing to have an abortion. I would like to encourage readers to be pro-choice: Her body, Her rules. In the first article that I chose to better enhance my thesis, which is, “Explaining the Dynamics between the woman’s movement and the conversation movement in the United States”. Focuses specifically on the effect that feminist and anti-feminist have on each other by responding directly and indirectly through their success.

The Poisson Autoregressive (PAR(p)) estimator was used to collect the necessary data needed. In their findings, it was noted when anti-feminists held an event, feminists would host a large number of events in comparison to them. They concluded that and I quote, “feminist and anti-feminist are entwined in a dramatic dance: feminist mobilization inspires the conservative movement that opposes them to mobilize, and when it does, the feminist movement mobilizes in response (Banaszak and Onderin)(P.g 381). Renegotiating Conservative Woman’s Authority in the Crisis Pregnancy Center Movement. It examines women’s roles in the evangelical crisis pregnancy center (CPC) movement. An ethnographic study was used to collect data for this particular research. The findings stated that the pro-choice exposes are credited with pushing centers away from graphic visual aids and towards ultrasound images (Klusendorf 2001; Hartshorn 2003).

Which were used to assist or support the evangelist ideology about abortion. In their conclusion, for activists, women-centered efforts are an expression of their faith, not something carried out in spite of their faith(Kelly, K)(2012). The last source that I chose was, “Sex-Selective Abortion: A matter of choice”. A woman’s moral right to choose, to wit, the question how far it encompasses a woman’s use of abortion as a means of selecting against unwanted fetal traits. In this paper, it had no means of measurement that was used for data collecting. Jeremy Williams (2012) concluded that “we become convinced that consequentialist considerations favor a ban on SSA. The argument of this paper suggests that in doing so we will have burdened some women, to a degree that justice forbids, in order to produce an overall better state of the world, thereby compromising our insistence on the separateness of the person (p.g 157).” For this paper, my main focus was on whether a woman should have the choice to have an abortion. After reading various articles, I stumbled upon one that piqued my interest. It basically said that the feminist wasn’t getting the kind of satisfaction they want as it relates to the topic of abortion, because they (for the lack of a better word) provoke the anti-feminists and they aren’t pro-choice. Which I think is absolutely ridiculous, the feminist movement is trying to bring light to a topic that they strongly believe in, which is pro-choice.

So, both national movements are trying to undermine each other. I understood what they were saying but it still did not actually answer my pondering question. As I was doing a little more research on my topic, it came to my attention that I was unaware of some information. Abortion such as sex-selective and disability, however, I still support the pro-choice movement regardless of the circumstances. This topic has forced me to think a bit more about abortion. Our main as always been on the women, but there are some cases where men are in support of woman having an abortion. The article that supports my thesis is the sex-selective and disability abortion. It examines some cases in which women would want to have an abortion. For instance, if you knew beforehand that your child was going to be disabled and life would be very difficult for them, would you still choose to bring that child into this world? I would choose not to bring forth my child.

Why would you claim to love that child but for your own selfish reasons bring that child into this world to suffer? In my conclusion of this paper, a woman’s body has nothing to do with the churches, organization, and government which doesn’t believe in abortion. It’s her body and she’s allowed to do whatever pleases her mind with it. A woman shouldn’t be demonized ridicule and shamed for having an abortion and the goes for women who aren’t fertile. She should be comforted if that is her will. At the end of the day, she’s one that has to live with her choices, not you.

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