A Study on the Heroic Traits of Odysseus

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Updated: Jul 10, 2021
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His men have died from weather and some monsters from Poseidon. The longest journey home emulates that he is a brave but a heard leader to work for. This lets his men make it farther than some old beggar. The collapse of Odysseus was when he stabbed the son of Poseidon after finding a cave which was the resting place of a cyclops. He was cursed by Poseidon by his pride getting in the way. He will never make it home to his beloved wife. He should be dignified for surviving a curse of Poseidon and making it home to Penelope after 20 years.

Odysseus suffered from no food, no water, and about gets eaten by meat-eating monsters. Being able to say that a man of this courage walked on the rich dirt of Ithaca is a dignified person for many people. Odysseus showed devotion, dought, courage, and fury for what he did for his disciples. These emotions that he shows most are rare to see. His passion for his love and the need to be with her is what got him home to Ithaca. To his people who thought he was dead to be worshiped as a king once again. A statue should be put in place for the importance of bravery and extreme love.

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On the journey back home Odysseus lost all eight of his men on his party. He soon came upon many different islands with different gods and goddesses giving him gifts or curses along the way. Poseidon cursed Odysseus that he had a 0/no chance of making it home. After battling the raging sea, and monsters he made it home. In the article, it states that “ Odysseus makes his way to Ithaca where he returned to his wife”.

Odysseus is a man that should be memorized for years and years with is why it is important to build something in his honor. His great schemes and intentions such as the trojan horse which is the main reason that Odysseus won the war with Troy because the Trojans brought them into their walls as a “gift”. 90% of people would admit that he had great war schemes and ideas. The fact that Athena baked up him throughout the whole journey emulates that he was a great warrior because a god had faith that he would win the war and even make it home as he did. We have monuments of gods why not have one of a man who defied a god and proved him wrong?

These are the reasons we need to build a statue of Odysseus. A great fighter, traveler and a heroic man. Not many people had come face to face with more than one god and especially not taking down to one direction, and making the journey home. Odysseus is a man-god put on earth for us to win the Trojan war. No other person has ever used war schemes as he did during the Trojan war coming close to losing the war he reclaimed power and beat the Trojans by the wooden horse. I hope everyone who reads this has more respect for his courage and agrees with me.

A Study on the Heroic Traits of Odysseus essay

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