A Statement of Academic Interests

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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Statement of purpose

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”. with an eye on the future in our rapidly paced world, which is consistently proliferating in terms of productivity, Human safety is becoming increasingly challenging, especially in the automotive industry which has resulted in a rising trend to find new ways to make safety a top priority. One such outstandingly compelling and promising route is Biomechanics. The field with its varied scope for application, if implemented and practiced, would prove abundantly beneficial to humanity.

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With this thought of propelling safety one step ahead which makes this world more innocuous to live. I decided to become a biomechanical engineer. My passion for automobiles and machines have been enduring since the formative years. Whenever anyone inquired about my future ambitions, I recall myself proudly declaring that I wanted to establish my very own car manufacturing company.

Maintaining to be a topper throughout my academia, by securing appreciable grades in every subject, specifically in Biology. Nevertheless, pertaining to my unwavering love towards Machines, I’ve taken up Mechanical Engineering for my UG. Having been discovered my tenderness towards safety. I recently stumbled upon Biomechanics, which made me realize the possibilities of exploring a field which amalgamates both my interests. Presently, I seek to extend my knowledge and capabilities with the aid of Graduate studies. With an MS in Biomechanics from your esteemed University, I aspire to familiarize the relatively new field across industries which is believed to decode the potential of the domain to solve boundless safety issues. The rigorous curriculum in my UG has helped me acquire a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of the field. I’ve particularly enjoyed exploring the design subjects as they open the doors for my creative side. Having been intrigued by Machines since my formative years, I continue to be exceptionally good in the classes.

My proficiency is evident in my marks as I consistently secure top grades in all the design labs. These involvements have proven to be crucial to the success of all my assignments and projects. To satiate my thirst to apply my learning into practice, I’ve taken up several projects and have executed them with exceptional finesse. My projects titled ‘Design of Lower Control Arm of an Automobile’ and ‘Modal and Stiffness Analysis of Rear Twist Beam of an Automobile’ were aimed at optimizing stiffness and modal analysis results. Apart from this, I’ve also presented two papers on Nano and Neurotechnology at the National Conference, Pratibodh, held at Sai Vidya Institute of technology. The papers drew accolades, specifically for, its complexities, usage of distinct methodologies and the innovative interpretation of the results. Buoyed by these experiences, I have undertaken my final year project, titled, ‘Roof Crush Analysis of Passenger Car for Vehicle Safety and Crash Worthiness’.

The objective of the project is to reduce the injuries caused to a passenger due to road accidents and provide safety in the car in order to avoid major fatalities. I can describe myself as an extremely inquisitive and innovative person; in a quest to diversify my knowledge base and to simply gain relevant practical exposure, I underwent internships and took up many industrial visits. One such internship which helped me ameliorate into a wholesome professional was at Magna International, Bengaluru. During the 30-day training, I gained a solid knowledge of Meshing and analysis, specifically on chassis. I was much appreciated by my superiors for my meticulousness in working on the twist beam of automobiles. I was diligent and dedicated to turning in the reports within the stipulated time limit and was never hesitant to work overtime for the same. I also underwent a 5-day internship at BMRCL Metro Corporation. I gained a detailed knowledge of the varied functions undertaken by the control room, repair workshop, and other departments. Additionally, I made industrial visits to the Wheel and Axle department in the Rail Wheel Factory in Yelahanka, Bengaluru. It was an insightful experience here as I imbibed details of the manufacturing proceedings of the rail wheels and axle. I also went on an industrial visit to the Power Plants in Varahi, Sharvathi in Karnataka where I learned specifically about the Hydroelectric Power plants.

Besides this, I visited Hindustan Machine Tools and the ITC biscuits production factory in Bengaluru and gathered hands-on experience from both on the manufacturing processes involved. My extracurricular pursuits have aided me in ameliorating into a proactive and wholesome professional. I’ve actively participated in a range of holistic activities throughout my academia. I’ve had an inclination towards drawing, painting and to simply experiment with various dimensions of art. I was a cardinal part of our school band. I’ve also been recognized for being a phenomenal linguist. Furthermore, I’ve been delegated with crucial roles in consideration of my managerial capabilities. With assistance from my friends, I fully organized a 3-day industrial visit for my class.

Additionally, I was a crucial member of the organizing team for Swatch Bharat Abhiyan and Technical fests of the college which have enhanced my capacities. I was once shortlisted and was placed in the top five for the national youth conference organized by Swami Vivekananda trust. Being very amiable and altruistic, I enjoy helping out my peers. I recall that during a Catia training program in college, I tutored my friends on the chapters that they found difficult. Being a person with a keen sense of social responsibility, I’ve always wished to somehow parallelize my dream career and my passion for serving the society. During college, I was a contributing part of the National Social Service team. I’ve taken part in many blood donation camps and social drives. I look forward to participating in similar enriching activities at the University. After my MS, I seek to continue my academic pursuits and gain comprehensive mastery in the field through a doctorate. In the longer term, I aspire to return to my country and start my establishment.

I am greatly vehement to mitigate the rising concerns on safety as a Biomechanical Engineer. With my knowledge base and expertise in engineering, I’m confident that I can contribute effectively towards solving proliferating issues through my revolutionary firm. After exhaustive research, I’ve zeroed in on the prestigious Wayne State University to pursue my graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Biomechanics, as it is famed for research in my field. The comprehensive course structure, which is not bound by conventional methodologies, would undoubtedly propel me towards my goals.

I also wish to interact with the eminent professors at the University, who happen to be pioneers in the field. I particularly look forward to work as a research assistant to Prof. King Yang as his ongoing research works in the areas of Finite Element Modeling and Crashworthiness in Transportation Systems matches well with my research interests. I am particularly interested in the varied activities of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) and would like to become an integral part of their future ventures. My interests are also aligned towards the advanced research conducted in the Noise, Vibration, and Harshness Lab (NVH) and in the research on Human Head in Biomechanics. I sincerely hope that my candidature is found worthy of admission with full financial aid and a research assistantship.

Withal, I look forward to joining your academic community this fall. 

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