Age Limit to Teen Driving

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Updated: Dec 02, 2022
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According to the CQ Researchers, “The most powerful influence on teenagers’ relationships with cars has been American pop culture, which has always viewed cars as more than merely a means of transportation.” During the past few years, many people have been debating whether teens should be able to get their license at 16 or be pushed to 18. Teens being able to drive at 16 will bring less stress to families because, they can drive themselves and driving at the age of 16 helps maturity level grow and builds responsibility.

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There is not much of a difference in 16-year-olds driving and 18-year-olds. The statistics with the most teen crash deaths aren’t just the teens and the 16 range, it is all teenagers from 15-19. This proves that age doesn’t matter, and it is all about the individual receiving proper practice. It is making sure that they know all the laws and rules about driving. That they know not to text or call while they are driving, knowing it can put people’s lives in danger. They need to make sure they know how to drive and that they have been through driving school and passed. Just doing these simply things lower death rates dramatically and make the community safer for everyone.

Teens driving themselves instead would really lower the stress of parents having to drive their kids around everywhere they go. Teens usually start a job at the age of 16. When they need to arrive on time to work, they can just drive from school to work. Parents won’t have time to keep picking and dropping off their kids because they have their own things to do like cook dinner and doing their own job. Allowing teen driving could also make more students participate in school related activities like track and lacrosse. Instead of parents having to drive teens, when they are busy and need to go to work, having a car is a privilege to be able to go somewhere by yourself.

Starting to drive at the age of 16 allows teenagers to be more independent. They can now go to their friend’s house or the movies alone without having to be dropped around everywhere. This independence then leads to responsibility. Teens will now be learning a new skill and want to take things more seriously. This will allow them to take more responsibility in themselves and make them feel more like the adult they will be soon. An example would be how they would have to start paying for their gas to fuel the ca. Driving does indeed help gain responsibility.

On the other hand, some people disagree and say that at the age of 16, you are not fully matured yet and should not be put behind a wheel. Teens often text while they’re driving do not understand how it is always very necessary to keep your eyes on the road. Some people believe that teenagers aren’t skilled enough just yet and will injure themselves or injure others.

All in all, the age limit to teen driving should not be pushed to 18 and should be set for 16. It allows teens to take more responsibility in themselves, allows them to have more independence, and overall just more privacy.

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