Writing of the Constitution

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My friends tell me we have to flee again. It’s been the seventh time now. Being a Separatist in England isn’t the easiest to do. The king’s corrupt churches are finally starting to do something about us; trying to eliminate us one by one slowly. Our only option right now is run.

After a couple of hours, we eventually come across a house. It’s old, dark, and rusty, but it’ll have to do for the time being. It’s near London, which is a risky move. But it’ll have to do. “”You really sure about this one? We could most likely run south for a few hours and reach a better place.”” someone asks. I don’t know who it is- I’m at the front of our group. “”And what? Get stuck in some dark woods for another 3 hours like last time?”” I respond back. We finally open the door to the house. It’s like what it was on the outside- but worse. But it had to do for the time being.

As we were settling down, we heard someone- not anyone of us. Rather than having an angry tone, they seemed to be yelling about something good. It was something about religion. “”Should we go check?”” one of our members asks curiously. “”Go ahead. Don’t get too close, though.”” another responded. He slowly crept out and left us waiting in silence. After a couple minutes, they came back to us- but a lot faster than they were walking to them. “”He’s advertising going to Virginia.”” he quickly said. And as everyone wanted to know, the response back was “”But what about the religion part?””. “”No religious persecution.””

Those were the words that set off the bomb in our minds. No religious persecution meant we could practice what we liked in peace. Without even judging, we all raced quickly over off to the place we needed to be, some faster than others, but all to the same place. We signed up as fast as we could. Six hours later, we’re on the boat that will change our lives. The Mayflower.

As I walk on, I start to notice many other people on this boat. I should try and meet somebody here, I thought. I noticed a short-haired man who was around the same height as me. I walk over to him slowly, standing upright and formal, and greet him. “”Hello, my name’s William. What about you?”” “”Nice to meet you, William. My name is John. John Alden. I have to go check the barrels on this ship every hour or so. Would you like to go check them with me?”” he responded. With a definite yes, he gave me a small tour around his route to the barrel area.

There were many people there, but I noticed one person slightly different from the rest – tall, slender and unusual. Whenever he was walking around, I noticed something else- we were already in the sea, going straight to Virginia. “”What’s in these barrels anyway?”” I ask curiously. “”Mainly dry goods and a bit of wine. I wouldn’t recommend trying to steal any. That would get you in A LOT of trouble.”” We chat for some more time when randomly, the ship turns so much I almost lose my footing.””What the-?”” I exclaim, trying to keep my balance. We’re both climbing out of the deck, trying to keep our footing when we hear something- a soft patter, but increasingly louder.

We learn what that is in the next 10 seconds- a storm. A bad one. Hope nobody falls off, I thought. “”Let’s find someplace safe, quickly!”” I yelled at John. All of us are huddled up in one area where the rain can’t reach us when we realize something-we’re off track. “”We’re most likely going to be off track. Are we still in the government if we’re not going there anymore?”” someone asks. Nobody knows what to answer except me. “”No, we aren’t. We’re far away from the grasp of the government, and we need to make our own. Fast.”” It’s a good idea, but that slender man comes up to attack my position.

“We’re still in the government. If we spend all our time writing some stupid government, we’re not going to have any time to prepare. We need to go as fast as possible.”” Everyone’s minds are changing. I need to defend my spot. But how? I’ll have to try something. My mind races. Nothing. Then a spark lights. “”Many people are here for the same reason. To practice religion. If we keep it as the government wants it, I could almost bet you they have some way of changing it.

Think about it.”” Everyone’s silent for some time until my friend John comes up. “”We need government!”” he yells. He’s the first to change his mind. And then another person changes their mind. And the next. Then, almost everyone is doing so. They choose me to write it. Even Edward slightly agrees with that. In the end, a working society with a government will always be better than a society that only knows to prepare.

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