Women’s Right and Abolitionist Movement

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Women’s rights and abolishment are two organizations that are fighting for their rights and equality, they were both facing with struggles and injustice. Women’s rights and Abolitionist movement were wrapped together because both women and slaves wanted to be free, in their own different ways. Women wanted to have their right to vote, labor rights, reproductive rights and abortion. Slaves wanted to be free of their owners and live the life they want without being whipped and own by another human being.

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The two movements fought and protest for their rights, they kept each other strong.

The two movements relationship came about by many women were joining the abolitionist movement. They intersected together as civil rights activist, women created hierarchical potentiality for a successful social improvement. They decide to be equable influentially, raising stores, organize crusader’s and events. During their massive events they address extensive rallies for people about political and social issues. During the abolitionist bondage, women had discovered their voices. Within the 1850 and 1860, women’s rights activists held state and national conventions and strived to make their rights legalized.

The similarity between the women’s right and abolition movement organizations were both supported by committed leaders that never surrendered. They are fighting for their minority rights, they are a group of people that are treated poorly because they are either a woman or African American. They began developments, both opposing existence society and being denied rights by law temperance laborer upheld the two developments. They targeted situations in society and fought against it to correct the problems. They benefit each other because they came together as two different groups and became one big one fighting for their equality and wanted justice for it

How did the two organizations detract from each other.? The Abolitionist movement had a growing but peaceful protest and it effectively ended slavery, but it had severely damaged to the women’s rights movement. Pioneers of the lady’s rights development knew such strategies when they were a dynamic member in counter slaver development, yet because of harsh treatment by the men in the abolitionist development, the ladies chose to fashion their own development to advocate for their privilege. Be that as it may, in the post-Civil War banter over the fourteenth and fifteenth Amendments. The Amendments gave them citizenship and made it legal African-American men to vote, numerous ladies’ rights advocates made it a top priority on their endeavors to fight for women civil rights. Advocates like Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and many more fought against suffrage alteration that requested to avoid ladies, a portion of their previous partners contended this was time for us African Americans to take over and female suffrage could pause.

I believe that the Grimke’s Sister should of continue to speak about women’s rights and not responded to the people demand. They are both passionate about two organizations, no one was speaking up about the issues but them. I feel like they should of continue to speak out about women’s rights movement. People felt like the two movements were over shadowing each other but at the end of the day. Both movements wanted the same thing, for their equal rights. They were fighting slaves and for themselves. “We won’t be silent anymore. We women will declare ourselves for the slave, and we won’t be silent until they’re free”. (Kidd, 539) Sarah is speaking up for the slaves, in addition to the statement made previously I feel like when she said we won’t be silent anymore. She was speaking towards women and slavery, how they won’t be silent, and they will fight for their rights. Nina “stated”, “We’re speaking out for slaves and women both. Don’t you see, we could do a hundred time more for the slaves, if we weren’t so fettered.?” (Kidd, 549) The Grimke’s sisters felt that speaking for both movements would benefit and help each other out instead of separating them.

In conclusion, I feel that the Grimke’s sisters should of not dropped their cause to fight for women and abolish movement, even though they were two separate groups they were fighting for the same rights. They wanted to be able to have their own rights and be able to free from men and slave owners. At that point, as previously, attempting to end the mistreatment of African Americans trained white American ladies to scrutinize their subordinate status. The dark social liberty and development additionally filled in as a preparation justification for generally unpracticed ladies endeavoring to enter the political circle. By contrasting their lives with the encounters of African American ladies in servitude, white ladies started to express how persecuted they felt by the laws and traditions of their chance. Working for the liberation of African American slaves opened their eyes to the unsuitable idea of their own circumstances while giving fundamental preparing the methods of political association and activity.


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