Why America Needs Stricter Gun Control Laws

Gun Control is one of the many divisive issues in the United States, controversially embedded in the Constitution, and it isn’t the right solutions for the problems that are occurring. While America does indeed have leading amounts of gun-related violence, these incidents are still a very low volume to the US population. Gun control is commonly a very emotional topic from either side, making it an ineffective argument.

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Gun violence has skyrocketed over the past years, which has caused Americans to panic due to the lack of gun control laws. Gun control laws have been a debate for years and still is an ongoing issue today. Having gun control laws which require additional security measures to obtain firearms will result in a decrease of violent crimes. The Supreme Court vetoed the ideal that the Second Amendment’s purpose is to protect the state militias from the deactivation of weapons by the government, it was found that the Amendment allows people the privilege to maintain and remain battle ready detached from military administration, which uplift above all other interests, the right of law-abiding, accountable citizens to use arms in defense of their home (Blocher, 2012). School shootings are happening more often and it is terrifying to contemplate, but there are ways to help prevent the massacres from ever happening again. Violent crimes can be prevented in the United States if the ability to purchase dangerous weapons was harsher. Lawmakers should require training on how to safely secure firearms in the homes of citizens. Lawmakers should also diminish gun access to youth and people who are capable of injuring others or even themselves. Weapon should be retained from individuals who have been vicious toward their peers, and those who have a history of violent tendencies. American’s support for harder firearm enactment regularly changes, expanding in the wake of a mass shooting and dropping memory of those horrendous occasions blur. Be that as it may, the more extensive late pattern has been an expansion of help for more tightly directions. (Reinhart, 2018). There are several people who are against gun control laws, but the discussion in the United States doesn’t seem to be leaving. In a country where there are an extremely large amounts of guns, not everyone approves of stricter rules. Citizens think gun control laws will violate their constitutional right to bear arms. The Second Amendment ensures individuals ideal to own a gun not connected with military personnel, and to utilize that arm for customarily legalized purposes, such as protection in one’s home. Legislatures are currently considering something very unique: pressing together an enemy of firearm control laws that supplant private requesting by making it troublesome or illicit for private gatherings to keep weapons out of their homes, off their property, and generally out of their real or helpful possession. Perhaps most drastically, some have proposed or ordered laws expecting subjects to keep weapons in their homes. (Blocher, 2012) Traditionally, there has always been pressure for gun controls which was spawned by two situations: first, an enormous growth in the level of violent crime and, second, the assassinations of presidents and other politically prominent individuals (Singh, 2000). Many agree with the idea of eliminating mass murders, however, the question at hand still is, what laws can be created to decrease the mass shootings (Lewis, 2018).


The debate is not over rights; a gun is not an instrument of free expression. Public safety requires far more than the halting piece of legislation. The question remains, do the Country need stricter gun laws? 

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