What is Foster Care?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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Foster Care

Related to this necessity, foster care it is when a child is separated from their biological parents and placed in a temporal family. This service is provided by the State, in other words, for the State, there are some factors such as being a child at risk of abuse or their biological parents do not have a care about the child who needs a safe place to live. These factors determine to put a child under the care of a temporary family.

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Consequently, a foster child just has two choices: he is helped to be able to return with their biological parents or can be adopted by some of the foster families. So, the Foster Care system has been designated to provide protection from potential damages caused by bad treatments from biological parents, prevent direct bad consequences from social environment, and give more psychological support to children involved in this situation.

First of all, this system was designated to protect a child when they are not protected by their biological parents. Exemplifying this concept, the child is removed from their home and placed in a foster home where they will have foster parents. The role of foster parents is to protect, care for, and help the kids until they are at least 18 years old. Although the real hope of this system is that these kids can be helped to come back someday to live with their biological parents.  After seeing the results of the statistics made in the year 2016, it can be determined that every year there are more children who are under foster care. But what will be the cause or causes that every year more kids are under foster care.

Secondly, when children are poorly cared for, they have more probabilities to fall in dangerous conditions.  These finding challenges the work of earlier researchers, who tended to assume that, kids cares exist by consequence of parents who does not cares about these kids. Let us to exemplify this point, most of these parents have problems such as addiction with drugs, some abuse their kids or just some of them don’t provide the basic care a child needs. But who really cares? Who besides me and a handful of recent researchers has a stake in these claims? The researchers believe the State or the Government care for each of these kids that come from parents who are not responsible of them both physically and mentally. So, it is for this reason that they provide the foster care service.

In addition, the role of the foster care service is to put the child under the care of the temporary family. Also, under psychological therapies, most of these kids need because of the bad experience that they live with their biological parents, and the other experience of being separated from their parents to take them to a family that they do not know. “In other words, simple examples like these show how kids are affected also psychological to be separated from their biological parents because they don’t understand the reason at first why they have to go through this process. But with the help of families and psychological therapies that they are practiced the vast majority of them can overcome each of the bad experiences experienced in the past. In addition, to helping children under foster care they are also helped by the biological parents so that they can overcome each of their addictions. Because the real goal of the foster care system is to help families meet again, some families get positive results. Also the second goal that the foster care system has is that children who cannot rejoin their biological parents can be adopted by some of the temporary families.

In conclusion, it can be determinate that the foster care system was designated to protect kids who are at risk mainly from their biological parents. As a society it should be understood that bringing kids into the world is not just publish a picture of them on social media or to look like a trophy.  Let me exemplify, kids need special care such as, protection, love, education, provide a safe home. If the society will take the awareness of these basic care statists in the future could be seen as a decrease in kids attending the foster care system.

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