What do you Know about Fracking?

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Updated: Mar 28, 2022
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What do you know about fracking? Some oppose it and some think it is our solution for a better economy. Companies are trying to make it more popular for the economy, and for their company. In this essay, you will learn more about fracking and what it does.

So, what is hydraulic fracturing? Hydraulic fracturing is also known as fracking. Fracking in a process in which oil and gas companies drill in to the ground. The drilling done is to extract natural gas and oils.

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There is, however, more to the process than just drilling.

What is the main steps to this process? First they perforate the casing, the perforating gun is lowered into position and an electric current shoots out and punctures little holes through the well casing. The holes give access for the fracturing fluid to enter and allows the natural gas to enter the wellbore. Then shale fracturing happens; Water, sand, and small amounts of additives are pumped down the wellbore under high pressure creating a network of holes in the shale formation. These cracks make the sand remain in form and props open the shale which creates a pathway for the gas to enter and flow up the well. Later, they repeat in stages; they adjust and record stage parameters for safety reasons and to maximize the natural gas production. After each stage, plugs are set, and new perforations are created that direct frac fluid to next stage. Then they safely remove the frac fluid; plugs are drilled out to remove restrictions and the well is open to remove the fluid so that natural gas can be harvested. Mean while, the frac fluid is treated and reused in future fracking jobs. Finally we are in the flaring stage; The frac fluid is removed and gas travels up with it. The gas increases as the water decreases and a flare is set up to burn the gas. Lastly they harvest the natural gas; Sand in the shale remains and is used as a pathway for gas to flow into the well bore and to the surface. From there the gas is processed and delivered to homes and businesses and the advantages of fracking begins.

What are the advantages of fracking? One huge advantage of fracking is it creates job opportunities. The drilling itself is a job that takes 24 hours a day and the oil and gas discovered needs transported; This creates jobs for killed workers, engineers, and office personnel workers. Another advantage is the boom in the economy. The United states started to use it to dig oil under their soil and gas reserves increased greatly; Now we aren’t dependent on other countries for oil or natural gas and other countries can depend on us for it. Finally, theretheir is less carbon emission. It is supplies electricity,is a better alternative to fossil fuels, is abundant, and supplies natural gas until the sun and wind gives enough supply. However, there are some disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of fracking? Firstly, the work is unhealthy for the workers. There is 600 carcinogenic chemicals in fracking fluid and some of the companies don’t enforce the rule to wear PPE. Secondly, The problems of water combinations. If an accident were to happen the water could be contaminated.  Thirdly, the water being wasted on these fracking jobs. Reduced water consumption is due to natural gas replacing fossil fuels are helpful, however, millions of gallons are wasted during a single fracking job. Finally, the harm fracking has on the environment.

What are the environmental concerns of fracking?  Reduced carbon emissions is a huge positive, however, tankers drove to and from the site burns fossil fuels and emit carbon. Also, tankers are highly flammable, and if it explodes there will be many deaths. Contamination on water and stress on existing water are both big concerns as well. The strain on heavy values of surface and groundwater withdrawals and some reports on the chemicals in water due to drilling activities. Air quality issues are a concern. There is methane in the air, and hazardous air pollutants; However, EDA as well as other agencies are trying to reduce air emissions. The disclosure of fracking chemical are a concern, but the usage of chemicals are being recorded and maintained.

Therefore, hydraulic fracturing helps in a lot of ways. However, it also has many disadvantages. In the process of fracking is where most of the disadvantages take place. Water contamination and air quality in the environment are concerns of fracking. One advantage however is the job opportunities. After the job is done there are plenty of advantages too. Some advantages are the fewer carbon emissions and the boom in the economy. In my opinion, I would say that the endless days of the advantages are better than the very few days that the disadvantages take place.

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