What did Albert Einstein do to Change the World

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Updated: Sep 07, 2023
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Born March 14, 1879 and died April 18, 1955 was a German man named albert Einstein. He Grew up with his Jewish family. His father named Herman Einstein and mother named Pauline Koch. He moved to Munich with his family to stat school at Luitpold gymnasium. After a while He moved to Milan, Italy to continue school. During the end of the 1880s a polish medical Student named max Talmud became a tutor to albert Einstein. Talmud had introduced his pupil To a children’s science text which had inspired Einstein to dream about the nature of light.

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His spouses were Elsa Einstein (1919- 1936) and Mileva Maric (1903- 1919). And his children Names are Eduard Einstein, Lieserl Einstein and Hans albert Einstein. Einstein met Maric, a Serbian physics student, while attending school at Zurich. As Einstein grow closer to Maric, his Parents disapprove of their relationship because of her cultural background. He continued to see Her with two developing correspondence letters in which he expressed his scientific ideas. After Einstein father passed away in 1902, he married her. In 19933, Einstein took a position at the institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, New Jersey.

The Nazis party influenced other scientist to look at Einstein as a Jewish physics. Einstein was a target to kill because Jewish citizens were banned from university work and other jobs. After a while Einstein immigrated to the U.S. during ww2 he worked at a navy based weapons systems And made big monetary donations to the military by auctioning off manuscripts worth millions. In the 1940s Einstein became a member of the National Association for the Advancement of colored People (NAACP). Seeing the treatment between Jews in Germany and African Americans in the United States. He campaigned for civil right of racism as a “disease” in 1946 Lincoln University speech. In 1921, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics “for his service to theoretical physics and for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.” In 1925, he was also rewarded the Copley medal by the royal society. He studied at the University of Zurich, eth Zurich and more. He was in the field of physics and philosophy. Einstein had an IQ of 160. Albert Einstein made discoveries in science but is well known for his theory of relativity.

This theory changed the way scientists look at the world. His work influence the philosophy of science. The equation E= Mc2 helped foreshadow the development of atomic power and the atomic bomb. He contributed several equations to calculus and geometry, ten are called the Einstein Field Equations. One of these equations demonstrates how the stress- energy inflicts curvature of space- time. He was convinced by the general relativity because it allowed a more accurate prediction of the movement of the planets around the sun. The equation symbolizes energy of a body is equal to The mas of that body times the speed of light squared. Einstein made several equations to calculus and geometry, ten are called the Einstein Field equations. One of these equations demonstrates how stress-energy inflicts curvature of space- Time.

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