Lady Macbeth Personality Traits

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Updated: Oct 10, 2019
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Macbeth is a Shakespearian tragedy that tells us of the disguise of a leader who is pumped for the murder of the king by his wife continuously. Lady Macbeth, although a strong and compelling character, leads her husband and herself into the state of madness as a result of their actions. If I consider myself in her place, I will act entirely different in different situations that she faced. Showing strength more than the level of requirement can be dangerous. That is what is demonstrated through this play, and I feel myself way different from the character of Lady Macbeth although I am also a female. I consider my life and that of others a precious one for me; humanity is at the top of everything. My lust for wealth and power can never force me to urge my husband to commit murders, and I firmly believe that I should be beneficial to others rather than being a monster of destruction. If I had the opportunity to put forth my suggestions in the matters of my husband, I would guide him to be kind to others. Life is meant to be cherished peacefully and those who destroy others’ peace cannot avail peace in the longer run. That is why I am against Lady Macbeth’s actions.

Unlike myself, Lady Macbeth has been very greedy. As soon as she came to know about the prophecy that Macbeth is going to be a king, she immediately started conspiring about that. She not only conspired but also asked her husband to do anything whatever he can do to make this happen. If I had been in place of Lady Macbeth, I would have realized the situation that if this prophecy is meant to be true, then he is going to be the king in any case. I am someone who believes in destiny, and my belief says that I should wait for fate to take its steps in its way and I should wait for the actual execution of the future. So, in comparison with the character of Lady Macbeth, my style is different in this context that I do not get greedy over the things; instead, I wait for them.

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Another point of contrast between my character and the character of Lady Macbeth is that despite being a female she acts in a masculine way. In my view being male or female is part of nature and we should not change the laws of nature. Bing females, nature demands from us to act in a certain way. I am a female and feminine person in all my ways. But unlike my personality, although Lady Macbeth a female but she carries masculine characteristics in her character which according to my views is against the laws of nature.

Being a member of a patriarchal society, I consider myself subjugate to my male counterpart. But Lady Macbeth is entirely different. If a patriarchal society gives me more authorities to male members of the community, then it also puts most of the responsibilities on male Shoulders. If I were in place of Lady Macbeth, I would not have taken charge; but, instead, I would have let my husband do whatever he wishes to do to see the things actualize. If Lady Macbeth took the charge things, then she is also bearing the responsibility of conspiring against everything in making a mess of life of her family.

Violence is mostly attributed towards male parts of society while females are primarily attributed to being nonviolent. But here in this story, Lady Macbeth is unlike female nature. Again, Lady Macbeth contrasts my character because I condemn violence and I do not prefer to be part of it, let alone bring violent myself.

Manipulation for the sake of destroying others’ status makes us fall from the superior grade of humanity. Keeping the target of becoming a queen in her mind, she forgot everything else and did everything to conspire the situation and make the things happen in her favor. She manipulated everything and made her husband agree to murder the king at every cost. Manipulation is one of the critical traits of females, but in my view, we should positively use manipulation instead of using it negatively.

Her ambition makes her cross all the limits that I wouldn’t. I do have ambitions in my life, but it is not that I have only aspirations. I prefer to keep the things realistic. It is a far-fetched idea for me to do everything to get my ambitions. But Lady Macbeth tried to turn every stone to get her ambitions.

She is aggressive and rigorously makes her mission possible leading herself to madness, but I would set my aims carefully, take measured steps towards achieving that which would help me stay normal. Measured steps are better than regrets that lady faces by the end of the play. If I were in her place and would have committed such crimes, then I would have tried to rectify my mistakes rationally rather than driving myself into the state of madness.

The whole argument can be summarized as the Lady Macbeth, and I have many differences as I do not appreciate many traits of her personality. Life is too precious to be spent on wrong actions and their regrets so I would prefer leading an honest and straightforward life that would make my life worth living. Lady Macbeth took some false steps in the blind trace of winning power and wealth. Also, she misguided her husband, and the result was the madness of both of them. I would, instead, lead a life believing in humanity and pink respect to human beings.

Lady Macbeth Personality Traits essay

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