Was the Revolutionary War Actually Revolutionary?

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Updated: Apr 30, 2024
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Was the Revolutionary War Actually Revolutionary?

This essay will discuss whether the American Revolutionary War was truly revolutionary. It will analyze the changes it brought about in society, governance, and global perspectives, questioning its revolutionary nature against its long-term impacts. Also at PapersOwl you can find more free essay examples related to American Revolution.

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The Revolutionary War could perhaps be called the greatest thing to ever happen to us. But, was it really? Just how revolutionary was the Revolutionary War? Some may say it was extremely revolutionary but, was it even revolutionary at all? This subject is very contradictory to various groups of people . To some it was very revolutionary but to others at just a glance it was revolutionary but, once you take a deeper look you’d find it was not very revolutionary at all.

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The American Revolution was when we fought Great Britain and won our independence. It’s well known for making a huge impact on us. But, did it? Despite its name, was the Revolutionary war actually revolutionary?

The American Revolution started in 1775 and ended in 1783. But, what is a revolution? A revolution is when you forcibly overthrow the government favoring a new system. (https://www.oxforddictionaries.com/)So, what was the American Revolution? It was a rebellion against Great Britain by the thirteen colonies that wanted independence. They no longer wanted to be under the British authority. But, why did this happen? They weren’t happy with the way Britain was running things. Among many of the problems they believed the taxes they were given was unfair believing they was only used to pay off the British’s war debts and didn’t go into the town. Things kept farther escalating after the Boston tea party the parliament gave the colonies even more restrictions. These restrictions were implied by the coercive Acts. The colonies had, had enough they decided to work together and form their own congress and take independence from Britain.

The road to political independence was not a smooth one. The colonies were infuriated with Great Britain’s government. Government to them was there to protect the rights of the people. But, they felt as if their government was being used only to protect its own interests and not serving them. When the government started to pass new laws but, their new set of laws wasn’t beneficial to its people only to them. The colonies decided to have a uprising over there new laws and even boycotted. The British then sent troops to the colonies to enforce the laws but, that only increased the colonies anger towards them.It all began April eighteenth- nineteenth,1775. That’s when British soldiers swarmed concord searching for the colonists suggest hidden ammunition. People was terrified that the troops would set the town on fire just to watch it burn. The british had the people so terrified that it would end with the Battle of concord. Soon the British would assign the Proclamation of Rebellion. This stated that the British empire was to Use their utmost endeavours to withstand and suppress such rebellion. (historyofmassachussets.org) This was just igniting the flames. The British had at this point totally demolished any form of relationship with the colonist they had left. But, no one wanted to mend this wound.

So, if the American Revolution was just thirteen colonies fighting against their government for independence why was it so revolutionary? Although it was not a social revolution like all the other ones around it, it was still quite amazing. (www.digitalhistory.uh.edu) One of the biggest things that came out of it was the creation of the United States. Also it gave the colonist a voice in their government they finally had a say so in what would happen. The lower class could represent their people and made it where the upper class couldn’t just push them over. Over all it created a equal and fair environment which is all the colonist really wanted. After the revolution ran its course the number of just everyday lower class or middle class people that participated in politics jumped dramatically. It changed people’s outlook on social life and how things should be done. The right to vote was extended to more people which then lead to people being able to vote public offices. The greatest thing the revolution gave to us was new racial ideas including, a commitment to liberty, equality, government of the people, and rule of law.(www.digitalhistory.uh.edu) The revolution made Americans want to change their current society and adopt republican principles. They started to rethink their ways and change things they once thought was crucial to their way of life. Things like slavery, indentured servants and apprenticeship. They would abolish slavery in the northern states. The indentured servants seemed to simly fall off the face of the earth. Women lives began to dramatically change for the best. Instead of them boycotting for their rights they would soon be handed over to them.

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