War on Drugs is a Struggle to Survive

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Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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I was taught that tobacco was bad. My father died from an overdose. I never met my dad but I never understood why someone would be a drug addict. I never knew how they could do it to themselves, their friends, their family. I would always think a addict was somebody who was selfish and weak. A person who just wanted to party and didn’t care about anyone or anything .I used to think that an addict deserved what had happen to my father ,until I became one .

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My mom and family told me to stay away from it.

To never try it, not even once

That I should never sacrifice my smile, especially for a temporary high. I had some friends that all they did was ditch school and do drugs in the car which was parked in the schools parking lot.. My mom once warned me about them and she told me to stay away from them. Senior ditch day came, we all left to hang out at the river. There was about 15 -20 of my friends just in a group smoking and drinking. That day was the anniversary of my dad being gone for 2 years. I literally felt like I needed to stop feeling sad and then I met you, I looked away and took a hit. You were there for me when no one else was.

You made me happy when I was sad because I was thinking of my dad. You made me chase you wherever you where at. You helped me have a good time and have fun. You made me laugh when I didn’t even want to smile . You made me addicted to you, but ever since that day my body went downhill, and I’ve noticed a lot of bad things in my teeth.My lungs must have inhaled you, and it reached my brain because now I can’t even think right. My senses are now your slaves, I seem to relapse every day I live. Like an addition I cannot break from.

Every little particle of you has mixed with my blood. I started to hangout with these guys even more then usually. Together we were using and even dealing. I stopped ditching school and even quit my job. We started to steal little businesses and making money off there. One day we got packs of tobacco that day I had to much of you, and my body gave up. There I was laying on the floor, not being able to breath. Three hours later my mom came in and saw me lying there dead. Tears falling off her face.She didn’t know about anything I did. She thought I was the complete opposite of my father.

She called the ambulance, went to the hospital. Doctors told her I had an overdose. She was in complete shock and didn’t know how to react. She said “ For all these years I thought u was keeping him out of trouble and getting him out of trouble and believing him even when he lied .I did everything to protect my child from drugs , until now I realize it wasn’t my son I was protecting it the addict . I was helping the addict kill my child when I was just trying to safe him. She was balling her eyes out , but I should’ve listen to her.

I was an addict to Tobacco. Just like father and son we were both addicts to tobacco and both are now dead. I wanted to live a long healthy life, but once I was gone a voice reached out to me and clearly said “Hey your now mine”. For a minute I was freaked out but then I started to listen. I remember hearing this voice very clearly. It said “I took you from your mom, I destroy homes. I live everywhere, in the schools, down the street, maybe even next door. I live with the rich and poor, the poor is the poor because of me.

Your mom told you to never try me, but you did. You tried me once and I might’ve let you go , but then you tried me twice and I owned your soul. I made you steal from your stepdad, lie to your mother. You did anything to to get high, you even committed crimes. I took everything from you, your looks , your girlfriend. You were going to be harvard student, but once you tried me you loved me. You didn’t stop until I took you away from the world. Now you regret you have ever tried me, people always do.” I was so upset with myself at this point, my head was going to explode from hearing this stupid annoying voice, and it was so loud it was making me go crazy. All I could say is “ why did I do it” . I should’ve stayed away from the people that were my “friends”. If i had another chance in life, I would directly go to a group of young kids my age and give them a speech about drugs and what it do to you. I would say “ Do not get into drugs, I don’t mean only the worst of the worst but all of them. Because when I was a senior in high school I wanted to have a little fun with my friends but it changed my life forever”  

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