Views on Lgbt Adoption

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Updated: Apr 03, 2021
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“There are many different opinions on why and why not LGBT couples shouldn’t be able to adopt. The first reason given on the side of saying no is it goes against people’s religious beliefs. The second reason against it is people feel the children will grow up with more disadvantages. Those are the two many reasons why people say no. But aside from those, the reason why people say yes is they see same-sex couples should be given the same opportunities as opposite-sex couples. They don’t discriminate just cause of sexual orientation. Now to dig deeper on both sides of this.

Now to hit the first disagreement reason. Most people already have a problem with LGBT’s being them as it is. LGBT’s on their own deal with discrimination with almost any service. With that people see if they were to have a child they could be tagged along in the same disadvantages. Which is, of course, a possibility. Its believed that the child’s life will be so much harder. A disadvantage is possibly a higher chance of being bullied in school for the simplicity of the child’s parents being LGBT.

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The bullying could emotionally impact them negatively. The harsh words and statements possibly told to the children could carry with them through their whole life. Negative ideas and views on subjects related to LGBT could come from past bullying. Those are a lot of what-ifs that have been stated. As the people against LGBT adoption see it as there shouldn’t be a risk taken for any possibility of these what if situations. They see no room for error.

Now to the views of people saying yes it should be okay for LGBT couples to adopt. It’s mostly a matter of they see LGBT’s as equal. That there shouldn’t need to be a question about if they should have the right to or not. according to lifelong There’s an estimate of two million LGBT people who are interested in adopting. They’ve already raised the adoption percentage by four percent of all children in the united states. This is seen as one of the best things going for the adoption centers. Its seen as the question now as of why stop the growth?

It’s become more lenient with allowing adoption by LGBT. But it is still is more of a hassle. Sometimes more hassle than the other. Because some states have different rules than others. According to four states Policy and or Law prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. Though four other states policy and or law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation only.

Some States Laws for this subject are clearer than others. To show Nebraska doesn’t explicitly state prohibition towards permits of a same-sex partner to petition, on adopting their partners child of a different relationship. Such as Montana full on states that they permit it. There are even states that stay silent on the subject. There’s few that fully say yes but a lot don’t fully say no either. Even With the half yes’s given still causes more commotion with it.

There are still more questions that are being asked. It hasn’t even come up yet what if a relative who was LGBT of an opposite-sex couple was living in the household? Would it be the same process as a same-sex could couple adoption? Why hasn’t it been started yet? Do we have enough open minds to be even able to choose these bigger subject answers? some of these questions have only briefly looked over. It seems people are looking at the big yes or no reason. Rather than looking at the little things too. Maybe it should of all specifically answered in deep detail before put out there.

I see were both points come from. I didn’t just see one side and be like I feel that’s right so it is end of the conversation. Unlike how I see most people do to subjects like this. I think it shouldn’t even have to be a question if LGBT couples should be able to adopt. I see all people as equal. none above the other just cause of sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s not a thought that goes through my head to ever base someone off that. If it was me getting discriminated because of who I am I would want people to try and open their minds to at least expect it. I don’t like to see people getting discriminated cause something they can’t change.

If there’s over two million LGBT interested in adopting saying they can’t it like saying no to giving a home to over two million children. People saying no can come up with all these negative what-ifs. But what if those excuses are ruining something that could have been so amazing before it even started. By people judging someone off their sexual orientation or gender identity it over clouds all the amazing characteristics. Judging people off their sexual orientation or gender identity makes people miss out on so much. A possible real friend at most. It isn’t even just judging that one thing it’s all misjudging taken place on anyone for anything. it’s making us miss out on a lot of opportunities to better humanity.

To me, it looks people are to pridefully to put aside their non-acceptance of LGBT people for the millions of happy smiles that could be. People who discriminate I personally feel shouldn’t be able to help make this choice. Then if we looked at the percentage difference I believe those no’s would drop dramatically. But we all have freedom of speech. It’s very important that we do. Just I see it as were letting people with pride too big to overcome the possibility of so many happy children. I want to know how does it make such person feels to be ripping so many smiles, laughs, genuine happy moments away from children that deserve everything out of life. I think it’s sad to see hypothetical excuses and to big of stubborn and pride are even apart of shaping why so many children will go without real homes and families.”

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